Elimination Game (Xbox One)


I had a play of the first round as a guest, so now it’s over, and if anyone is interested here are two videos. The first is my blind attempts. I included four runs, because after the second I’d figured out the basis of a strategy that I thought would work well. Typically it didn’t quite work on the third (final run), but worked a charm on the fourth. That’s why I included it in the video.

The Fallen Herring (Xbox Elimination Game) Guest Entry - 4 x Attempts

From there I went on to refine it further. Finding the perfect shot spot I got Shabby down to a not too shabby 35 seconds.

The Fallen Herring (0:35)


Well, I actually have a small twist at the end of the next contract…so, look forward to it…


I’m dreading this one! Not a fan of the Marrakech missions.


I’ve got a good idea where these two are, but not exactly sure where they wander off to. :joy:

I’ll get the school run out of the way, and give this one a go a bit later today.


I think I recognise them, I’ll find out soon enough. Just finished work so I’ll give it a go before crashing!

EDIT: I fucked up, I’m out yo! 3:15 with a body found.



Couldn’t find the contract at first, and for some reason I thought these two were in a completely different area; which is weird, because I’ve killed one of them in particular many, many, times before. :laughing:

This one was tense, as the first run was pretty much a waste.

Will upload in a bit, probably this evening as I need to keep the connection clear today.


I wanted to but then my Xbox One got taken off my desk to be used for something else :frowning:
I’m curious to see how it goes, so I’ll try and join in one of the future contracts.


you’re my favourite person


Failed the first try, the second one was ~04:06 and the third one:
I’m so bad and so slow :frowning:


Could one of you post a picture of the leaderboards?
I’m currently at work, so can’t check myself :smile:


Apologies for not posting this sooner. Had some bad news yesterday, and it was just generally one of those rough days that went from bad to worse.

I’ll be on console in a sec @RotaryOliver; will screenie and post up when I’m on. …


Thank you :smile: wow 5th place, I did better than I thought.

Hope everything is better today btw :open_hands:


Even though I’m out, I really enjoyed this contract. I’m glad this competition exists just to get us some new content on Xbox. Thanks @Zevoros for starting this. Sorry to hear about your day @Ed_ll3. I hope it gets better soon.


At 12:00 Western Time, could someone post a screenshot at the final results of the leaderboards? I have a lot of classes today, so I won’t be able to do it myself, unfortunately



One For Sorrow. Done.
I botched my first two attempts and got reaaaaaly nervous but pulled it off on number three!


I liked this contract very much. Especially the routes of the targets and guards in the area. The center room with one target and the floor around it, with another target, as well as a guard walking aroung the center.
In addition to that comes the perfectly placed spawn point in the floor area. It felt like a real puzzle. This whole game is a very interesting idea. I was a bit sceptical at the beginning but it turned out to be very cool! :smile:



Is @Spodey’s gamertag Spodeq?


Yes it is Spodeq. A few member’s have got different gamertags than their forum names.