Elimination Game (Xbox One)


Oh, thanks! In that case, I believe these are the final results?

Confirmed Players: @Ed_ll3 @RotaryOliver @FearlessArogunz @ILikeGAMESish @mungadungalis @Bob_Burns @SupremeCommanderIke @Skaven_in_box

And, again, it is with my great displeasure:

Eliminated: @ScroobiusJib, @Spodey


…Wait… I… I survived?!


Yes you are, my friend! You get to live another day…


I actually didn’t play this one but if you want to keep me around np :sweat_smile:


YES I believe so Zevoros


Don’t push your luck

(I’m just kidding, haha)


But…I did say that there would be a twist, didn’t I? Muahahahaha!

Before we go into the third contract, it is my pleasure to announce that this contract was a NON-ELIMINATION! As in, @Spodey, you got off lucky today, my friend. And same to you @Skaven_in_box


My heart hurts. 20202020


I’m sorry.

20 heart attacks




Now the second round is over - and I feel bad for @ScroobiusJib :disappointed_relieved:

Here is my blind run…

One for Sorrow (Xbox Elimination) Guest Entry - 3 x Attempts

And after about 30 minutes of experimentation I got it down to this…

One for Sorrow (1:23)


And, I am now finally able to release the next contract! Here we are!

Title: Two for Joy

ID: 3-03-5833972-87

Confirmed Players: @Ed_ll3 @RotaryOliver @FearlessArogunz @ILikeGAMESish @mungadungalis @Bob_Burns @SupremeCommanderIke @Skaven_in_box @Spodey

Eliminated: @ScroobiusJib :frowning:

Run Time: 7:00 PM (West Coast Time) - 7:00 PM March 11


@ScroobiusJib, because I feel rather bad about you being the first out, what do you think about you posting the next contract? Because I’m nice


Holy shit I did it. 6:02 seconds but I did it. Second go as well, went for a third but the bastards spotted me with the pistol in under a minute. Video incoming.


Obviously it’s your competition, but at this rate, two rounds in and no one is eliminated, it could take quite a long time. To be fair to everyone, I’m sure @Spodey wouldn’t mind if you decided to eliminate him, but since you’ve already made the offer that would be up to him.

However, the other option is that you cut the field in half after each round. There were (are) ten players. Why don’t you allow 8 to go through to the next round, then 4, then 2, and the winner comes from the final round. This way it keeps the pace of the competition up and means you could start all over again quite quickly, meaning that players aren’t having to wait a long time to get back into the competition. Just my thoughts.


I at least played the contract, so I think Skaven would be eliminated :stuck_out_tongue:


From Ish’s time, I guess these are getting trickier? :scream:

If so, is it possible to upload a screenshot of the targets for those of us playing the competition? Would help with getting a feel for what needs to be done prior to going in.


Oh God, Ed, no. Never underestimate my incompetence. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could cut my time in half at least. When I post the video it’ll make a bit more sense.


Ahh okay. I can’t watch until I’ve tried it though. :joy:

Will set up BM first, then see what’s gwarnin’.


I had no idea how to do this one. They immediately spotted me in the first run, same with the second run and the third run was just … long. After some while every death by falling object opportunity wasn’t possible anymore and then they spotted me again. My hand still hurts from smashing it on my lovely table.

23:30min - 21162 GG