Elimination Game (Xbox One)


I’m guessing that’s ‘Falling Object’?

e: Maybe I should read the text as well as looking at the pretty picture… Ffs :expressionless:


I’ll post my video tomorrow evening, but in the first run that I did, although I killed Jakob with a Falling Object (As well as some poor innocent soul) it did not come up as a falling object kill which was a little ridiculous.


As much as I want to be in, I’m still not sure that’t fair so it’s up to all you guys. But in the meantime here is the screenshot of my 2nd and best run. Luckily this one has 2 targets that I’ve killed many times. (I played God vs Science hundreds of times) They are both a pain in the ass though. I’ll have the video of my attempts up later.


No problem with Viana, but I wasn’t too familiar with Jakob. First run was a waste, second a fail, and got this on the third.


Not sure if to bother uploading as the coin fetch to secure the SA is a hot mess. Got him over by the plane in the end.


You should upload it! I enjoy watching all of your runs!


Fair dues, I’ll upload it like the last two.

I feel it goes against the grain of what the competition is about, but might have a few more tries at this one to find a more reliable way to topple this silver bastard. :grin:


There is an easier way to kill him than a complicated coin lure, but I’m sure you’ll find it


Ah man, got it (or one clean way at least). Such a simple solution as well. :disappointed:

It’s so much easier to think through these clearly when there’s no pressure!


The video of my runs.


So, I believe we’ve almost hit the 24 hour mark on the contract, so who’s played it so far?


We still have another day right because I have been busy Friday and today. I will get my attempts in and Munga has not done it yet as far as I know.


Yeah, you guys have until 6:00 PM here on the Western Coast before the elimination


Giving it a go now


Too embarrassed to even show a screenshot :sweat_smile:


Please! :smile: Can’t be worse than mine.


@FearlessArogunz, I believe you still have a chance in the competition because I don’t believe @Bob_Burns, @SupremeCommanderIke (I could be wrong on that), @Spodey, or @mungadungalis have played the contract yet


ah shit, I forgot lol

I’ll give it a go soon


I have not had a chance. Could we please request an extension? 24 hours, perhaps?


Might as well share. @RotaryOliver :wink:

Did so bad on this, and it took an eternity to upload. :sob:

This is a little bit better (SO).


Don’t guilt trip me man! While I would like to give you another 24 hours, I just can’t because that would just seem unfair, I think. I’m honestly really sorry, tho