Elusive Target #1: THE DECEIVERS (Year 4: 10 - 20 May 2024)

We’ve got 4 of Faba in HITMAN 2, 4 more in HITMAN 3?
Let The Undying die and rest in peace finally

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Undying should be officially classified as “deceased”, so yeah, I agree.

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I have to say, IMO it is kinda shoddy how we’ve heard nothing about the change to the ET formula that IOI themselves mentioned back in August 2020, even as the first Elusive Target in HITMAN 3 releases today.

My hope is that the change will be that - at a certain point in the game’s life cycle - all ETs will be permanently added to the game and be replayable upon demand, and maybe if that was the change that was coming then maybe there would be an argument for holding that information back until after the ‘live’ cycle of ET releases was over to keep the jeopardy factor of that initial run.

But if the change to the formula is something that we’d be best off not knowing until later on, why bother telling us last year about an unspecified change at all?

Love your game, IOI, but I think you’re a bit of a mess on the Comms front. You shouldn’t be trailing a change to the ET formula in August 2020 only to keep that information hidden in February 2021: either we should know that information already, or if it’s supposed to be a surprise then don’t give us the initial “something’s happening but we’re not telling you what” hint in the first place.

Poor show, IMO.


It’s one of the most polished and high quality ETs, why let that one die but others continue?


I like how the game is aware I already completed this ET and gave me the check mark for it but I still have other challenges saying I’ve never done an ET before.


Because it’s more than enough already.
It’s Elusive Target or Special Assignment, after all?
I’m not objecting it being transformed to SA, but as an ET it’s enough.
Or otherwise we are on the way when IOI will do The Decievers Returns, The Decievers Returns returns, etc. x15
Not funny


Or just start it off with one of the few fantastic ones like the Prince.


People are just going to look up a guide anyway to make sure they don’t miss the cool unlock.

I don’t know why IOI don’t realise this. The heart pumping tense moment they want is lessened when you got the answer off youtube first.


No Elusive Target section got added into the Challenges menu to be able to see what the location unlocks are for the new H3 locations… :confused:

At least the challenges from H2 have carried over so for challenge completionists there is no need to fret about SA and you can have a little more fun with the contracts I guess if you previously got SA.

Also, IO didn’t fix the issue with the mission briefing (on PS5 at least) where the subtitles eventually go completely out of sync with Diana’s dialogue - happened in H2 as well.


That happened with me (just a few minutes ago) on PC too. I was watching the briefing and noticed they were out of sync.

Literally no effort put into those ET’s. Jfc IO, ET’s are pretty siginificant part of your game, do something.

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Is this new? It said you may not attempt this Elusive Target again ._. I remember you can disconnect your internet to do the ET again in Hitman 2, and it didn’t say this


Well, I don’t like the look of that… Disconnection trick was a favourite of mine :grimacing:

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It’s really a shame
they should have added new unlocks
there’s really no point playing ETs now
very disappointed at IOI
I’m giving up on this game’s post-launch content
the only good ones are the deluxe escalations, in my opinion

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47 did such a thorough job deleting his kills in Chongqing it brought all the targets back to life & that’s why they’re all repeats.


So how it went for you?
Did you manage to connect back again?

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ETs used to work this way in H1 before changes were made and a disconnection wouldn’t invalidate your ability to play it again once you reconnect. Bizarre choice IO made to reinstate that…


If it was already there sometime ago, I assume they just copied a piece of code to HITMAN 3 and forgot to make changes to it

A reminder that alt+f4 or closing Hitman 3 on console works in this instance of restarting an ET with objectives completed. You don’t have to use the disconnect trick if that’s the case for disconnecting.


I just have really bad internet, so it keeps disconnecting. That is entirely on me. But it was fine back in Hitman 2 where you don’t instantly fail if you disconnect :frowning:
I was able to use my 4G data to complete the mission silent assassin lol