Elusive Target #11 The Fixer **Do NOT Subdue The Courier or Any Shopkeepers** (Reactivation)


One of the viable strategies here should have been taking the courier’s disguise, claiming the diamonds yourself, and meeting the target as the courier. Certainly I might have thought it possible as a reference to A Murder of Crows, especially considering how many throwbacks to Blood Money IOI are giving us.


Day 2 and i’m still very mad, i can’t get over it, it’s bugging me so much, if it was entirely my faul it would be easier to move on, but i failed because of lack of information from IO-I. I’m not sure if i can forget this.


I’m sure there will be plenty more and they will learn from this.


Same for me, just followed the objectives displayed.
It said the courier will have to pick the diamonds up first so I waited for that to happen and then I waited for an opportunity to subdue him.
It should have been displayed more clearly though.


I appreciate your understandig.

I have tried to say this to myself, but it dosen’t help, i will always have 1 failed elusive target and it wasn’t entirely my fault, it’s so annoying.


My courier walked into Zeydans place and now he’s not showing up again… :frowning: Anyone know where he goes?
I know where he is supposed to go… but he doesn’t seem to show up there!


He goes to the shisha cafe first, walks around for a while then meets a shopkeeper to get the diamonds. Once he has the diamonds he goes to the school and AFAIK stays there but I’m not 100% on that.


Then I should try and sneak into the school then. I hate the school. :frowning:


He should be in the school. As far as I know he will remain on the left side of the building (viewing from main entrance), and he goes upstairs, downstairs, and into the courtyard for a smoke.


I thought he was picking up the diamonds from the shop close to the shoeshop but obviously I was wrong then.


As far as I am aware there are three possible locations he will collect the diamonds from and it is randomised. However, once he has collected them he will then go to the school. Obviously, do not subdue him until the exchange has taken place. I subdued him before he got to the school, but that can be risky.


It wouldn’t have been possible here though. You wouldn’t know the codes they used to communicate.

These elusive targets are supposed to be as close as possible to the assassin fantasy. This means they are more realistic when regular missions are more like a puzzle where you can see all the pieces from the start.

It’s mind boggling to me that people get legitimately mad at IO for this one. Who gives a rat’s ass if you fail an elusive target seriously? The whole point of them is to up the stakes. So that means you’ll go in the dark and fail more often. You put yourself in 47’s shoes. Why would you subdue the courier before you have any understanding of the situation? Would a trained hitman really do that? Of course not. You only do this because you’re used to have your hand held and be able to restart if any shit goes wrong. Well if your feeling are hurt that easily, stop playing them.

I hope IO keep taking risks with these ET. Especially nowadays when most devs are scared shitless of alienating their fanbase and keep using the same recipe until everyone’s sick of it (see CoD, AC, etc.) I personally can’t wait to fail my first ET. It’ll be a great story.


I wouldn’t be mad if the failure was my legitimate fault. I failed the Blackhat by dying and that was on me. But failing due to a restrictive condition that was in no way communicated to me beforehand is a different story. You can argue all you want about the objectives but the fact remains that fail conditions were not made clear prior to actually failing. In non-live missions this doesn’t matter, you can just restart. Trial and error is part of the process. But in Elusive Targets? There’s nothing remotely fun about losing out because the parameters of the contract were not made explicit to you.


But, with all respect and bear comprehension, you also failed The Broker, @ingrobny.


He got a second try I think


You can subdue the courier AFTER he has collected the diamonds and before he reaches the school. There are many places this can be done (depending on the route he takes), and this is quicker than infiltrating the school after he enters it. However, it is risky, and if you plan to try it, be ready to restart if anyone notices you subduing him.


Yes, but that was my own fault, but i got another shot at it and i didn’t fail the second time.
What’s make this fail hard to swallow is i feel it wasn’t entirely my fault, lack of info made me fail.


And you didn’t? That’s weird.


Yep. It’s just one glitch in a game full of them, I suppose.


Make your peace with it soon. :slight_smile:
There are many upcoming ETs, and such missions are to be expected going by the one we got this time.