Elusive Target #11: The Fixer

Good afternoon, 47. Your target is Xander Haverfoek, attaché at the Swedish Consulate in Marrakesh. We are expecting him to meet a courier in the city to facilitate the transport of a consignment of diamonds on behalf of Claus Hugo Strandberg. You must both retrieve the package and eliminate the target. We have been unable to obtain any information on where this package is located, so you will need to shadow either the target or the courier to discover its location. The clock is ticking, 47. Good luck.


It would be number 11 I changed it for you.


I Googled the name but couldn’t find anything :frowning:

I’m pretty sure this is elusive target 11 and he will show up in the game on friday, i had a thread ready, but i didn’t want to post it before i was sure, but you beat me :cry:.


finally marrakesh! im fed up with paris and sapienza!

it’ll be interesting if he constantly stays in crowd!


Whoops. What number had I put in there? :sweat_smile:

The amount of people on here and Twitter saying “Finally Marrakesh” really emphasises just how forgettable The Gunrunner was.


Now you know how it feels, @ingrobny, just like you took away my thread for The Pharmacist. :smiling_imp:

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The same with me. :expressionless:

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You put number 8 we have had ten already because that was the number needed for the blood money suit so this one would be 11.

@ingrobny , @scm97tl why so important to be thread maker :smiley:


Not really @Pagan. Just wanted to annoy @ingrobny as a friendly teasing between beary good friends.


It’s too bad too bc the garage was a perfect spot to base an elusive. When I say base though I mean exactly that. The gunrunner should have spent time in the garage then went somewhere else and returned to base (garage) and then to another spot before going back. He also should have moved around the garage a bit.


I wonder wich places he is going to visit while at the embassy. I don’t want to find out that he only moves between the stairs with enforcers and the first floor with too many people.

They could change the layout of enforcers and civilians in the embassy.

A kitchen knife will be used for elusive target #11 lol and a kitchen knife only I like a challenge but u only got one try

If you mean that another Prince would be nice, then yes, but so far that only happened during that ET. There aren’t that many level alterations with the latest ETs.

The Black Hat also added more guards to the attic and in The Sensation there was a small party taking place in the area where Novikov and Decker meet.

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That’s true. Let’s hope this is one of the few.

Yeah, but those were too “small” changes. The Sensation wasn’t a well planned design at all and the extra guards with The Black Hat weren’t a big annoyance if you got the timing correct. The Prince had the biggest change with turning a public access area into a restricted zone.