Elusive Target #11: The Fixer

I’m not shaming, it’s an annoying ET, don’t blame ya. Just thought it’d be a funny gif :wink:


And it is. That’s why I liked your comment. :B


Only used by me in emergency :joy:, too OP for my taste, Kalmer 1 and Electrocution Phone is double OP :grimacing:.


My 1st Test Run… Time to Dance!

Okay. Time to get srs!


Night-night (via Sedative Syringe). Really no need to trail him. As long as he comes down this alley-way you should be good to go. But don’t hold me to that statement if doing this causes you to fail. :expressionless:

(Sigh) Yeah. I ‘Phoned’ this one in. :stuck_out_tongue:
His hand position looks like he was taking his last selfie.


I failed this one, I accidentally KO the courier before he could lead me to the diamonds :frowning:, I still have the summer suit unlocked though so no big deal.
Don’t remember if I passed it during Season 1 though.


Same. I wasn’t aware that knocking him out fails the mission.

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Fucking amazing.

KO-ing NPCs insta-fails the mission. No warning, no explanation.
At least I beat all the other Legacy ETs so this isn’t a big deal for me.

However, I think this highlights the problem with the ET formula.
This mission was explained poorly, and you failed after doing something perfectly reasonable to get information.

Should be fine, except that now you are permanently locked out of content that you paid for.
If I were a new customer and I failed, I would demand a refund from Steam.

This is not how you treat your players.

Didn’t realise this was common knowledge.
I guess this is what happens when you try to play an ET without any guide or reading first.

I’m still pissed lol.


i failed this one… i knocked out the courier before he gets the money thinking he has them… although i have all the suits unlocked so not a big deal

Can you elaborate a bit? Who did you knock out? Are you saying that no-one can be knocked out? Well, presumably the courier can be, right?

Don’t even know,

I went into the cafe and knocked a few people out trying to see if I could find the courier to somehow get the diamonds faster (I had no idea how the mission worked).

I knocked out two guys smoking a pipe, nothing happened. Okay, I’ll reset.

Then I knocked out some guy who was texting by the staff door inside the cafe, and mission failed.

I’m guessing that was the courier? But no way to know for certain.

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Always read the briefing before doing an elusive target :slight_smile:


Ah, it probably was. That’s more or less where I remember him starting.

To be fair, though, there was confusion about this one last time around.

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I will admit on that end it is my fault 100% lol.

But if I hadn’t gotten my Summer Suit unlock before and failed this one, I would be extremely pissed knowing I’d have to wait a year.

I actually laughed when I failed because of my confusion, although I can laugh knowing I unlocked everything already without having to worry about missing time-limited content.

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First time when I read the briefing back in 2016, I had to make a plan on a sheet of paper. Then I concluded that I had to wait until he comes at school before to subdue him, without any guide or help. But I understand that it can be a bit confusing.

I hate the Elusive Target system. Connection crashed and now it will forever be a failed attempt. Hopefully they get rid of this crappy system in H3.


The objective does say “Track the courier”.
If he’s pacified or killed then you can’t track him to the diamonds.


Would be nice if it would be:

“Do not Pacify the courier”