Elusive Target #11: THE PROCURERS (Year 3 : 30 June - 10 July 2023)

That was a simple, complex but stressfull Elusive Target.

Did it twice, one serious and one with only the gluttony items and suit.
Jack Roe is pretty easy to kill (Darthmoore ETs and isolating themself in the kitchens and adjacent corridors, a lethal combinaison).
Did Robert Burk with the cigarettes (a lot of enforcers in Zachary’s Room) and with poison (used the sedative gum to empty the Small Office and access his beer).

I haven’t tried the chandelier opportunity (this kind of risk management is not for me, I wish we had more winch in the level, I miss the explosive on winch “accidents”) but I will be glad to see it posted by someone (@Khakiasp).

Targets are the right kind of disgusting. A bunch of rooms had their dynamic changed to keep everyone alert. Mr. Fernsby’s office is open if you need a master key and some lethal poison. The whole contract is also a nightmare for anyone trying to find a canon timeline to the ETs.

But let us not forget the true crime of the targets : crime against danish cuisine.

How could someone desecrate such refinement ? The Danes do not deserve such ignominies. They do good food, and good games.


not really that proud of this run cause of how sloppy it was at times but apparently it’s still the fastest done so far so here it is i guess


Smoking Kills…Literally


Lore-wise it’s a great elusive target, even though, as someone pointed out, it’s difficult to find its place in the timeline (seems like alternate universe where 47 wasn’t contracted to kill Alexa).

The gameplay wasn’t that gorgeous though, quite the opposite, felt limited - each of the targets had only 1 good way* of eliminating them. It’s not a major issue, since you’re supposed to play the contract just once, but it’s not even close to the level of the Collector, which I personally consider the best Elusive Target ever released.

*good way - intended by developers, I’m not including tranquilising everybody in the room with a fake snail, setting off a bomb hidden in a shower duck toy causing the target to fly through a window or any other ridiculous methods. I’m also not saying the latter is a bad one either.


I enjoyed this one. Not the best ever, not the worst, but enjoyable. For some reason the sound went out as soon as the level loaded so I did the whole thing in silence (which is deafening with noise-cancelling headphones on).


Played it twice. Once just playing it where I used the chandelier when they met and another where I did an SASO fibre wire run on an alt account. The backstories are fantastic, the way they change and recontextualise their parts of the map is great especially love the added NPCs in Zachary’s room and their different trespassing enforcements. I like how they remove the detective and just have Alexa running around, I like the added security, would love to do an NKO route it could actually be challenging as it is a little easy rn. I feel like it does falter in how short Burk’s route is. I know Dartmoor is a small map but you could really take advantage of what you have with ingenious scripting like with The Collector or The Fugitive so just having him walk from one small room to the next is dull to me. That being said it’s not devoid of ways to kill him. Roe I gelled more with, I can think of ways to kill him in the room he serves Gregory in NKO if I ever get the chance to do it a third time. The SASO strat I did was quite fun I used the secret passageways to trap Burk and his guard in the walls so I didnt have to KO anybody in the lawyer’s room
One thing I also noticed is that Hitman writers have a fascination with Burke and Hare. The new target is named after one of them and Robert Knox is named after the surgeon the two gave the bodies to. Like the references


My first multi-target #TeamNoRestarts ET and I ended up killing the first target a lot earlier than I thought I would. I got lucky in a couple of spots, especially with the heart attack I nearly gave myself at the end. But I’m pleased that I ended up not using any coin lures, emetics or propane explosions.


The eleventh one of my ‘SASO No KO No Emetics Fiber Wire’ on Elusive Targets series.

And of course, another one for the count

This one gave me a good challenge. Could be my favourite H3 ET.


Great run, as usual @Ibbe .

The two staff members in Zachary’s Room that were the bane and enforcers of my bodyguard disguised cigarette run are just fine with a suit only 47 ? Damn.


Yeah I was surprised that the two staff aren’t enforcers to your suit :joy:
Also the targets not being enforcers to your suit helped me a lot, especially with Jack Roe as my timing would be messed up if he could spot me in the kitchen.


So, can I assume I broke this ET? My targets are just standing around staring at eachother in silence.

Spoiler tags in case someone is in here and against all odds expects to not be spoiled.


I had a plan before I went in. 1st attempt I got the chef guy where I wanted him, then I didn’t look too far for the coroner dude. I thought I’d need to get some of the other people out of the way, but I got spotted by an enforcer guard in a hallway. Another was coming behind me so I didn’t have much choice.


So I seen my plan was coming together and started recording. Like The Politician ET I started recording well into the mission, so a lot of the (what I’d consider) boring stuff wasn’t recorded - that, and I don’t want to have to wait 4 or more hours for it to upload. I guess you could say my vid gets to the… Meat of the matter. :sweat_smile:

Yeah. I took advantage of a couple exploits. But how else was my plan going to work? :stuck_out_tongue: IMO, it was well worth it! You might say they got the Mark Faba treatment… With a nice chianti? :thinking:


I really enjoyed this one. IO did a good job with the story line and the mission briefing.

Although it wasn’t the most difficult ET I’ve played, I’m glad it was more challenging than prior Hitman 3 ET’s.


I have reached the point where I no longer am enjoying this game. Guards are now locating bodies in secret rooms that they do not pass, with the doors closed, like magic. I am tired of my SA rating being blown by this BS. This is the second one in a row that some bug in AI behavior causes failure. The last one was not being told by the guards that I could not enter, only to find that the area was a trespassing area after I passed them. This time, the body was in the secret room, the door closed, no other bodies anywhere, and before I could leave the mansion, somehow the guards entered the closed secret room and found the body.

These elusive targets better be released as a whole for us to replay at will once updates are finished, so I and everyone else plagued by wonky AI can get these one-off achievements.


This is exactly why I don’t stress about getting a Silent Assassin rating every time. Sometimes you just don’t and with the Elusive Targets at least, restarting sometimes isn’t an option that I’m interested in. Take whatever rating you get and let it be.


God school is really nagging my bottoms already so im only able to play hitman in short bursts, but after exploring this et ive come up with a few wonderful strategies to turn them into stew

Well, I finished this and found it enjoyable enough. Good and dark backstory. I went in planning to lethal poison them both (using poison from the map) as it felt appropriate, but when Jack drops cigarettes when he dies I went with an alternate kill for Burke.

Did run into a weird bug (see a few posts above) and had to restart. As a result I forgot to start up my recording again, so failed to get a video of it all. :frowning:


I failed this one :sob: I meant to use the lethal syringe but I accidentally subdued him instead and a guard spotted me. I couldn’t restart because I already killed the other target. Nooooo

The guard walks into the secret room :cry:


This was a decent one, though found fairly easy.

Started back of the garden, climbed up second story (love that NPCs are in their rooms). Took a guard disguise from the one patrolling the hall way. Climbed around to the Balcony and made past the enforcer maids. Noticed could relieve the guard there and knocked the other out with a can and poisoned the beer and watching though the peep hole.

The Other one, went down throw wrench the ground in the staff wash room to get a waiters attention but got the target’s somehow so just injected poison in that room then left.

Missed out on any dialogue though which was a shame.