Elusive Target #13: The ASCENSIONIST (Year 3 : 8 - 18 September 2023)

Aaaaand another retarded fail - forgot to close the door. That’s why you don’t do ETs without practice runs, especially when you’re tired.


And she’s on her way back in a few days so best to practice in Elusive Target Arcade given how exceptionally difficult she was. Oh and watch how you move cause I somehow spooked her from a distance and not sure how but given that I was on the floor just below the penthouse and she was estimated to still be near the bar area, either my route was a trigger event or it was a glitch but I had to restart cause I had no chance of catching her and eliminating her in time at least not stealthy. I had a strategy in mind that worked but I’m almost afraid to say what it is out of concern it might get patched.


The best Hitman 3 ET (imo) is back once more! However, depending on how good The Drop is she may not be holding the title of the best Hitman 3 ET for very much longer!

(It’s weird they didn’t put her on the September Roadmap even though she was activated after the roadmap came out)


Can you sign me an autograph?


At first I didn’t recognize the explosive pen and thought “how the fuck did they kill her with a thrown lockpick” :x


Using the tranquilizer against The Ascensionist won’t ruin Silent Assassin and she will leave upon waking up. On that note through a propane flask at the elevator door making sure someone sees you then plant an EMP next to the propane, behind it if possible. When the target reaches the elevator BOOM! Just make sure the guy she’s with doesn’t get too close.


Did they change this woman’s behavior? The last two times I’ve played this one you could spook her real easy and get her to run to the elevator for the easy-peasy propane accident kill. This time I went so far as to literally shoot her in the leg and she didn’t get freaked out or try to leave.
What gives?

Sorry for the late delay


I did not expect this to work at all.

SASO w/ 1 KO:
I started by going around the map (while following her) by getting to the second floor via the stair near the exhibit’s staff exit near the main art piece and using the helicopter shortcut to get to the third one.
After that I just waited for her near the stairs that she uses to go to the third floor, distracted her by throwing an object as far as possible on the opposite side of the stairway railings (far away from the guards), knocked out the old guy that was about to get scammed and used the fiber wire on her before she had the chance to turn around, using the parachute exit to get away.

I decided to do it this way because I was missing the piano man achievement and I wanted to do a fun challenge to spice things up, and I must say it was fun (besides the first two times where a npc moved in a way I didn’t know he could and spotted me).
Also this isn’t the first time I’ve done this ET (with reruns and ETAs) but it is the first time I actually went around the map trying to listen to her dialogue (which made me understand why she’s regarded as one of the best ones, pattern and dialogue wise).


No Loadout SA SO… NKO?

Getting her in the bathroom was not my original plan, and was born of much frustration. I wanted to get her when she’s in the VIP bar, from the balcony above. Super hard, precision shot — shot as in “throw”. There are a bunch of witnesses, the time window is minuscule, and you only get one attempt.

I became obsessed with accomplishing the mission in this way, suffering total tunnel vision. I could have gotten a fairly easy SA SONKO if I’d waited for her to sit on the bench by the elevator shaft and blown her up then… but the time and waiting involved made me instead focus exclusively on this VIP bar idea. So I practiced the hell out of this method, and after some attempts I succeeded on my alt, XBOX account… but I just couldn’t get it on my main account and it was driving me crazy. I’d either get seen by someone, or I’d miss the throw, or something else.

On one run I was like, screw this, maybe I can get her in the bathroom. And that is what you are seeing.

I have some alternative takes that I hope to upload soon too, including my Arcade run where I succeeded in my original plan (although the guy accompanying her did get knocked out, ugh). In the meantime, here is evidence of a propane flask being thrown perfectly upside down:

Edit: This is more or less the intended strat:


Just kill her by tea, start only in suit, poison not in hitman suit, but exit yes


Just remade my Year 2 SA/SO/NKO run how I intended, without messing up like a dork.

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