Elusive Target #14: The Chef

Here it is:

Clipping Cupcake Bomb


The Chef

Featuring some toilet bang action


wtf did not know this wall lets bullets pass. GJ

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Yeah works on the 2nd floor bathrooms as well

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Cool bug.

There were a couple others where people were dropping explosives through the walls and it killing the target.

Ha. And some of us get mad at wall-hacking.

I get to bump this?

Ducker to distract people behind him + Poison Pokey

Forgot about the blocked exit, would’ve saved several seconds.


This one was easy IIRC? Just poison him quick time then get out?

The Chef got killed by The Kitchen Knife.

The Irony.



How is it possible to eliminate the target and quit the mission within 23 seconds?

I mean, killing chef Ramsay… I mean Santos is not a problem. I made it within the first 5 seconds. But the closest exit is the main entrance, which takes more than 20 seconds to reach, even if you know the shortest route… (the basement exit is barricaded/deactivated)

Probably the Helicopter.

The thing is, the waiter disguise is trespassing in that area. So a bullet distraction for the guard that’s in front of it is needed.

I used the front entrance too, seen the much faster times and knew…

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All-righty. My starting equipment. Another Legacy ET but decided to do it without the cheap ass electrocution phone because this ET isn’t as bad as The Fixer.

Getting rid of the chefs and guards nearby the kitchen was the easy part but his entourage is way more problematic because Gabriel is the one checking the distractions unless you manage to time it so his bodyguard or guests are the ones doing the investigation.

The power of Lil’ Flashy compels you! The same goes for you, lady!

With only one member of the entourage left, just lured them close to the blocked basement exit and KO the gal. Gabriel is such a self absorbed asshole that he didn’t notice she wasn’t following him anymore.

This is what you get for being one of those annoying Twitter celebrities who think they can get away with anything! ÒwÓ Cut Throat Business ÒwÓ.

Lil’ Flashy was here and the battle victorious!

An stylish exit that puts all the fahion show into second term. Just look at that jacket.

Done and done. Even did it Suit Only because it’s proper for the last, as far as we know, Legacy ET.



Dear person who decided that trash cans > toliets for puking

I just wanna talk


At 2:09 it seems guard will get stuck forever if he sees a weapon being thrown out of bounds.


Went to do exactly one and only kill - making him blow up with stove. That forced me to pacify whole kitchen, two guards and his annoying squad. But I managed to do it.20191206215339_1

5 star chef and can’t see (or smell) a leaking gas… (also, sorry for dissorted image, but my laptop really isn’t a gaming one).

Opted for blowing myself up with a fire extinguisher. S I L E N T A S S A S S I N S T Y L E


A bit of a subdue party this one :joy:, 2 security guards, 2 shefs and 1 of the female followers, for the 2 other followers I used the Kalmer 1:

Subdued the target and killed him with a neck snap.


No failed ET’s in Hitman 2 and only 1 non SA, so I’m happy about that, but since most of the ET’s in Hitman 2 was reactivated ones, I pretty much knew what I could or not do.


I don’t know, but the heli exit is risky. (for me at least…)
I mean, if I’m lucky, the guard(s) would go investigating, instead of searching. (it seems random, when they’re noticing bullet impact) , plus the photographer and Helmut seems to recognize tresspassers too.(I’m not sure about it tho…)
Anyway, thanks for the answer!

sapi shooting phone for virus strat


Sawed Off Bartoli - SASO No Ko


Had a lot of fun pretending to be part of his entourage while a devious trap lay for him behind the bar! :laughing:

(Actual Mission starts 3:37)

“This is going to be horrible! I just know it!”
No truer words were ever spoken, buddy :wink:

Fun fact: In the Philippines we use American building notation so “First Floor” refers to the Ground Floor which is why I didn’t go upstairs when Diana told me to go up. :blush: