Elusive Target #15: The Angel of Death


Disappointed it’s Marrakesh, was hoping we would finally get a Colorado-based ET…

Yes summer suit with gloves, here I come


It was known for a long time:

Targets bio:
Etta Davis demonstrates that evil can hide in the most unassuming of places. The well-educated and urbane woman is a former nurse, well liked for her soothing bedside manner and calm nature. It is unclear when she began her career of murder, but is most likely to have begun during her tenure at the Graverslyside Hospice in the 1980s. Under-cover of the naturally high mortality rate of such locations, she perfected a range of skills including poisoning and directed sabotage.

Following the death of a former member of parliament, while in her care, investigations were opened, but the death is likely to be ruled an accident. However, additional information provided as a part of the Contract background demonstrates a very high likelihood that she infact sabotaged the former ministers wheelchair, leading to a preciptous plunge down a flight of stairs. Alarmingly, this information also indicates that her rate of predation has increased. Her preferred techniques include poisonings, sabotaging fixtures, and in several cases the careful weakening of staircases. While she eschews firearms and physical combat, she is a deadly predator, who is extremely likely to kill again. The current chaos in Marakesh would provide extremely good cover for further predations, so her rapid elimination will no-doubt save lives.


I like the back story for this, is there any chance she’ll be setting up booby-traps for us? Honestly, I hope not, because elusive targets in Marrakech are hard enough. Failed my only target there.


Some people think she maybe kills other people on the map if you’re not fast enough and it will mess up your SA rating.


Yeah, I know about the schedule - I guess I was just dreaming they would change it last minute to a different ET based in COlorado.

Also, that sounds like it’s her bio rather than the briefing. It’s way too long and wordy for a mission briefing video.

Ah, that’s a cool idea and also a huge pain in the arse.

Still haven’t played Marrakesh so hopefully when this ET releases somebody posts a quick video on how to kill the target easily.

Probably would be a good idea if I played a bit of Marrakesh so I can unlock some different spawning points just in-case :slight_smile:

Ahh yes!! That sounds to be a very promising elusive! I love the bio :smiley:

Why I have a feeling there will be an additional fail condition?

You guys and your weird date formats.

I read the topic title as February 12th 2016 :angry:


No you’re wrong - in other countries it’s month/day/year - Such as Asia.

Mind you - we use day/month/year here in Australia


I usually get ET updates from the Hitman website via email so I’m used to the format of MM/DD/YY so that’s why I was so confused.

Anyways, I just need to complete this ET to finally get that gorgeous signature suit with gloves!

I am super excited for this, if I win I get the BM suit. Kind of a shame it’s in Marrakesh, I think we should have one in Colorado or Hokkaido soon at least.

Have you noticed how the information points out that she is evil and also that her death will save a lot of lifes? I wonder why they focused in those aspects for the textual briefing. I mean, it isn’t like 47 cares about that, after all.


In Canada we go by month/day/year

Saying 12 February just sounds insane but thats obviously a biased opinion.

As good as HITMAN is, this is the one gripe I have with it.

I don’t mind 47 killing horrible people, in fact he has done it for the whole series. But I feel like they make him out to be a hero way too much. I know this is just an ET but really it would be nice to have some sort of dialogue from 47 about not caring about whether he’s saving people or not, just wanting his money.

We know that’s how 47 is, but it’d be nice for newer fans who aren’t very well educated about his character to know that he really doesn’t care.

P.S. @scm97tl I wasn’t actually complaining about the date format I was just joking but I appreciate you adding the alternate format! :slight_smile:

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I don’t think it’s bad that they made emphasis for this target, specially because both statements are just written and I hope we don’t listen to Diana telling us anything about it in-game. No problem with the date thing, by the way.

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The ET is announced!