Elusive Target #15: THE RAGE (Year 4: May 3 - May 13 2024)

Then at least take a screenshot, please, it would be fun to see if you have been able to do it!


I’ll do my best. (20 Characters)


With just under 18 hours left until The Rage is live and the former boxing champion meets his fate, it’s right about that time again where I ask if you’ve thought about a method for the ET. If so, what are you planning to do?

For me, this ET is all about making up from the miserable way I failed The Bookkeeper, which you can read about here

And as always, we end it with amazing drawing.
From @Khakiasp

Good luck!


Description from the roadmap trailer:
“Meet the short-tempered Sully “The Crusher” Bowden, a former middleweight champion on the run. He took a fight in the ring too far and he didn’t want to pay the consequences. He has to now, though, because he’s been spotted in Chongqing, where he’s setting up rather rough fights. You know what to do - an eye for an eye.”

I wonder where the ring will be (IF there will be one). It would also be interesting if you can actually fight with The Rage as a mission story of some sorts. Unlikely, but I’m hoping for it.


Well as usual I will try to do a prompt only (so no thrown distraction or free aiming), walking only, no crouching, no vaulting, no knock out, placed disguise only, social manipulation only run.

The last six Hitman III Elusive Targets were consistent in having scripted opportunities and I hope The Rage will continue the trend.

I can’t wait to see your run @Ibbe , they’re always an highlight of the ET thread. And you are capable of doing things so removed from my own capacities that I’m always astonished by them.

While we are waiting for the seventh ET, does anyone else remember in the first one, The Collector, how we had a optional objective to steal a painting.
When you looked at it in the inventory, its description said it was one of a set of seven, with a theme of the seven deadly sins.

(screenshot courtesy of @Euler13’s video)

Am I the only one who thought it was going to be a recurring side objective in all of the hitman III Elusive Targets ?


I’m not really impressed with this guy. I’m just gonna try to fiber wire him, since I didn’t really like my first fiber wiring of the Guru (his hat takes away from illusion that it can be done so easily). Maybe find a way to shoot him with a suppressed shotgun, but nothing really fancy unless an accidental method just pops up in front of me.

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I hope this one has some interesting map changes like The Ascensionist had


Kinda dissapointed that we’ve got another English/American target. S1 used to be more diverse, heck, even season 2 had bolivian fascist and failed actor from Hong Kong. Kinda wish they did something with VA’s - maybe ask them to do different accents, or use Asian or Hindi VA’s they used previously.


Probably wanting to avoid accusations of racism or targeting of foreigners and POC. Things in western countries, particularly the US, have gotten more culturally volatile in the time between H2 and H3. IO may be trying to be sensitive to that. Just a theory.


My theory is that theyre all american or british because those countries tie into the sins the best


That works too.


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I wanna punch him in the face, maul him some times with the Roaring Flash Grenade and finally and ice pick or combat axe stuck into his head.


best of luck everyone on this tomorrow


Sully “The Crusher” Bowden

Given his name and the season, I think I’ll toy with him a bit.

Scare him.
Use some flash grenades, set off some explosions, maybe make him spot a body or two. Then go in for the kill…

…Unless there’s some interesting scripted opportunity then I’m going for that lol


Maybe their reason is not having appropriate VA:s, though that wasn’t a problem in HITMAN 2016 nor in some H3 locations. I don’t think they’re going to bring back VA:s that haven’t been in HITMAN 3. They’ve had some Chinese VA:s but only four, none of the few Chinese guards have appropriate voices.


Okay. So I can’t be the only one to think this, but who does this guy remind me of? :thinking:

ETA: Bill Goldberg? :man_shrugging:

True, most of VA’s from Season 1 are pretty much stuck to it - Yuri Lowenthal, Dave Hill, Daniel Bonjour or Traci Lords do not appear in S2 onward - tho sometimes their lines are reused (f.e., Lowenthal’s voice for guards is used in Miami). Interestingly, many of S1 VA’s also appeared in Absolution. Since half of S1, many of voices started to stick with game, and are here present until now (Oliver Cotton, Derek Hagen, Elsie Bennett).
Speaking of Chinese guards, they could honestly very easily ask both Windson Liong and Johny Ong to do voice for them - Hagen and Lowenthal did voices for both civilians and guards, and it sounded alright.


The Rage is now active!


I destory the ICA datacore in ET :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
video here:【杀手3/整活】难寻目标太白给,不如整蛊ICA_哔哩哔哩bilibili


Placed a proximity taser just outside of the Block entrance, fried the bastard and sped off on a motorcycle. SA, 3:03.