Elusive Target #18 The Chameleon 01.13.2017 (13.01.2017)


I really want to know why the specific reason of killing him in an accident that doesn’t involves too drastic measures. Does his body has something of value or anything like that?


And all for a stupid winter suit… Pfft!
I’m 4/5 to get this suit and I would GLADLY give that suit up if I could Fiberwire this target and still be able to pass, instead. I’d trade all the suits for this to become an option quite frankly.


You simply discount this ET from your streak?


Something probably to do with the wishes of the client.

Like “The client wishes to make it public.” from the movie. :stuck_out_tongue:


I see some people saying that it adds challenge. No it does not. All it does is ensuring you make use of one of the obvious fixed killing methods, like the hay bale, or a puddle, or a barrel. It’s just waiting till he walks by such a fixed setting and then doing it. That’s not fun, creative, nor challenging


Yes I understand but like I said, it’s the principle of the thing. Obviously their is no point in me bitching about it because that won’t change anything. It just sucks that I had 17 successful Fiberwire kills and now I don’t have the “option” to do it now…


Yes, that really sucks.


Does the breaching charge also work on NPCs? If yes, is that considered an accident kill?


Breaching charges can kill, but they are not accident kills, just explosive ones


If I decided to “restrict” myself that is MY Choice, ya know… This game IS about FREEDOM of APPROACH. You would know that if Absolution wasn’t your first Hitman game!

Adding restrictions is fine in say story mode, contracts mode and Escolations. But Elusives??

For people like me that don’t have 20 accounts, it truly is once and done. Restrictions should NOT be in Elusives.


Hmm, that’s another method down the drain…


Well, that depends on the settings. We don’t know if anything are removed or added along his path. Sure you can’t kill him the exact way you might wanted to. But it can still prove to be challenging! :open_hands: Creative - maybe not.


Even if it’s one target, this will probably be the only ET in Colorado for awhile, and we don’t get another ET until 2 weeks.


Let’s just say that the agency trusts 47 enough to let him have his own way 99% of the time. This is an exception in order to conform to the wishes of a client probably. :slight_smile:


If they added something it would still be an obvious and fixed killing method. And no, not more challenging


Again, you don’t know his route nor how many guards are following him, if any. And even if there is a fixed place to kill him, it can still prove to be a challenge to do it without being spotted or killed.


Yeah, we dont know this guy’s routine yet


It’s about freedom of approach: this contract will have limited ways to complete it due to these restrictions. As @Fortheseven said, gameplay comes before backstory.


Well that’s funny because I actually like the back stories of the targets. I’m perfectly fine with that, but there is plenty of room for rules like that in story, Escolations and contracts mode.But Elusives are a one time deal and should be carried out however the player sees fit. (At least with Elusives anyway) because like I said they are once and done. Adding this restriction during an elusive does not make it more challenging.


I don’t know if I would personally agree to stifling some methods or approaches in the main missions. In my opinion, main missions should always allow complete freedom of approach. Probably, escalations and contracts mode then.