Elusive Target #18 The Chameleon 01.13.2017 (13.01.2017)


You realise that not everyone who plays this game knows it’s mechanics inside-out like you do? Remember that a place like Hitmanforum makes up a small percentage of the community. Many people (myself included) will certainly see this as a challenge.

EDIT: And to be clear I do feel sorry for people with self-imposed restrictions like @AGENT4T7, but life goes on and so will your fibrewire streak I’m sure, after ET 18.



Hahah quite right @Spodey lol quite right…


Many people will see an ET in Colorado in itself as a challenge already, as most view it as the most difficult map. And ye, having a target in Colorado could be very challenging. Limiting your killing options to fixed methods where you just have to wait untill he walks near one of these fixed methods is NOT challenging. This condition does NOT add extra challenge at all


Yeah tell me about it… I feel very sorry for a lot of people too, actually…


I don’t know when the last time you guys set off an explosion in Colorado was, but I did it last night, and it’s no fun at all. Every single NPC turns into an enforcer.

Even if we could use explosions on this badboy, I wouldn’t advise it, personally…

Edit - Not sure if this behaviour is specific to the Mercenary, because he is “expecting an assassination” and all that. I haven’t played Freedom Fighters for a while…


Wait a minute, what? Does this happen?




That’s probably a glitch of some kind, it’s never happened to me. Or maybe you were spotted from far away.


@Fortheseven This all sounds very fishy to me


Not to be mean or anything, but he said any map.

On to a more positive thing, I like Colorado and am looking forward to this ET, should be challenging.


I still say the easiest solution is to make the FE an explosion kill over an accident kill.


I’ll burn it!:чертенок:


Not sure what I think about the special conditions.

On one hand it’s an interesting complication that will make this ET memorable, but on the other it’s taking so many different approaches/kills off the table. It’s going to be interesting, but whether it’s enjoyable or tedious - we’ll find out in a few days.


I love this explosion restriction. Although it still does not fix the FE issue that the game suffers.

I think carrying FE should be forbidden, at least for disguises that are not security or something similar. For every map that is. This fire extinguisher circus has been going on for far too long in my opinion.


I’d love to see you do fiberwire and lose on purpose to keep the piano-man running. I never watch streams, never have at all actually, but if you’re going for this you totally have to tell me. I’ll be there.


To be honest man, the thought has crossed my mind! :joy:

If I had numerous accounts, I SO would use the FW anyway. But alas, I only have one. Plus I have gotten SA on all 17 so far, and while now my “Fiberwire streak” has unfortunately ended (with this one) I would like to at least keep my SA streak going for as long as possible…


I don’t recommend doing that, but you would for certain achieve a form for martyr status here on this forum :smiley:.

But again don’t do that, SA is far better than proving a point.


Lol yeah I won’t. But if I had another account I sure would :joy:

But regardless, eventhough I can’t use it, I’ll still be bringing my beloved Fiberwire into the mission with me



You can’t keep apart true love! Lmao


You and your imaginary friend :joy: Can’t even see it