Elusive Target #18 The Chameleon 01.13.2017 (13.01.2017)


So, this is going to be the worst. NEEDS to be an accident kill (D’oh!), but not an explosive (Ok, I don’t really use that strategy too much anyway). It’s in Colorado (Why me?!) and is the first new target to be able to acheive the Winter suit… (:notes: under pressure! :notes:)

Either I’m barely going to win, or totally failing. :confused:


“Imaginary Friend” :joy:

Okay, I literally cracked up at that one man
(Invisible wire)
Very well played, sir!

But really, you don’t see it because only the chosen ones can actually see it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha imagine if it was imaginary ingame and 47 would just make that movement with his hands. Npc’s be like whaat


47 getting Fiberwire ready


I understand you fear, i can’t even use a sniper rifle, a perfect weapon for me when i don’t want to fail, but on the other side, i like that i can’t use a sniper, because now it’s SA or nothing and SA means the winter suit, so i’m forced to try my best to SA this thing :smiley:.
I just hope there is a good chance to arrange a accident for this guy.


That can work, if the target goes to a toilet for throwing up or goes to the slurry pit, Bangkok is useless for that, i don’t know how it works in Colorado.


Well he was on top of the water tower shed, so I think if we syringe him there he will at least be close to a bathroom.


OK… Can we list what are the known Accident Kills that do not involve explosions and where that might be possible in Colorado?

The ones I know of:

-Push to fall.
-Subdue then dispose over a high place (Accident Fall).
-Chandeliers in Sean Rose’s house.
-Puncturing the Oil Tanks/Lawnmower and igniting the oil leak with a gun (Non-Explosion?)
-Drowning in the Swamp Pit after Emetic Poison far from the House.
-Drowning in the large basin in the Garden Shed after Emetic Poison around the House exterior.
-Drowning in a toilet after Emetic Poison inside the House (?)
-Electrocution via exposed wire.
-Food and Drink Poison Kill(?)
-Poison Syringe(?)

Any others?


If he’s on top of the water tower shed… then all he’ll need is a little push. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lawnmower is explosion, oil tank is fire so is fine. Poison is not an accident.


Dropping the car on him, if he wanders over into the garage.
Dropping the hay bale.
Does killing him with the pneumatic ram count? I think so.

ETA: Poison kill or poison syringe are not accidents, to my knowledge.


Yep. People are definetelly going to fail this ET because they think poison is accidental.

Having this new progression layout does not help matters. With the previous stats menu, you could clearly see that poison kills were poison kills, not accidents. Now they removed this info from the game, and it seems like s lot of people are unaware of how it works.


It is a bit hard to remember which words flash at the top right corner.
Sometimes you think you remember seeing “Accident Kill” for food poison…


You can still push him to his death right in front of his pals!
And then you have to run west all the way to Utah to make it out of goddamn Colorado with the entire state chasing you with their pick-up trucks and shotguns! :laughing:


Hahaha that’s an option, not a ideal one, but i should work, is it cold there, in Utah? If it is i need to grab the winter suit before i do so, but then i will need SA :flushed:.

(I have to wait 11 hours before i have new likes to give :sob:.)


Is there any early background on this guy? Why is he The Chameleon? Is he a master of disguise like 47 is?

Ever since I saw the name of this ET I’ve had the song Karma Chameleon by Culture Club stuck in my head…

Eighties videos were so friggin’ weird. And Boy George was a freak.


I’m ok with any variation once in a while. I wouldn’t even mind if the next ET was a retired fireman and the client SPECIFICALLY REQUIRES a fire extinguisher kill him.



I still remember a TV interview where a host was sort of pointing out how freakish/weird Boy George is and how he “dresses like a woman”.

Boy George then asks pointedly: "What’s your problem? Are you homophobic?"
And it wasn’t like he was kidding around or anything. It was like a serious threatening question.

The interview changed pretty much beyond that point…It was like suddenly the TV Host was interviewing The Joker on live TV while he’s having a “really bad day”. :stuck_out_tongue:


This seems really interesting, I’m trying to get SA (of course with restarts because I could never do that without them) and get my fourth SA on ET. I bought this game little bit before the Chef, because before that I didn’t believe it would run very well on my laptop. I also screwed up the Angel of Death, so no Winter Suit for me yet.


Same, I messed up on the Angel of Death as well. I fiber wired her in her starting area, but instead of putting here in the box, I rushed and dumped her over the ledge. 3/5, and I have completed 12 ETs.