Elusive Target #18 The Chameleon 01.13.2017 (13.01.2017)


The second statement lets you kill him with non accidents like a bullet to the head or poison.


So electtrocution allowed ?


Yes it is, crush him with the ram, the car lift or drop the haye bale on him is also accident kill.


I think we can use drowning, falling (and falling objects ofc), fire and electrocution.
Oh, so the wicked man is an option :smiley:


After he dies if I use FE explosion on his body will it count as fail condition?
I am going to kill him in accident and then use FE explosion on his body to perform his last rights.
There is no way to stop us from using FE kill unless they make it as non accident kill for season 2.


I was just about to ask about that, can we use wicker man? i’m too afraid for trying fire, so i have to try electrocuting, the ram, the car lift, haye bale, drowning or push him.


If the target is on the rooftop where the water tank is, It may be possible to kill him with the wicker man and still get SA.


IO-I just did that in this elusive target.

I guess you can do what you want after he is dead, but why risk been shot for blowing up a FE when you just have to run for the exit and secure the SA?


But why should a killer have limited choices to kill his target? Unless it’s explained why we can’t use explosions in the briefing, it risks to make the mission unrealistic.


This is just a video game.


I suspect the reason that this decision has been made, apart from adding a little variety to the format of the elusive contract, is to reduce the number of people that earn their 5th SA, and consequently the Winter suit, cheaply on this next elusive target.

@Travis_IOI: Thanks for your reply. As I mentioned I was simply anticipating the complaint that “non-explosive accident” could be interpreted as “not an explosive accident”. It always helps if we can confirm or deny facts without spreading misinformation. I will certainly feel more confident helping to answer questions now.


I don’t understand why people is so upset by this, in this ET we can’t use explosion to kill the target, in the previous ET we could not use lethal poison vial to kill the food critic.

At this point we don’t know if the target will be very hard to kill with a accident or not, maybe this target is giving us opportunities to kill him easy with a accident, maybe we don’t need a explosion to kill this target at all, we just have to see what options we have when we start this ET.


I guess we could use the quad in this one for the escape? Haven’t done any contracts so always escaped through the bunker.


I’m not upset. Unluckily writing doesn’t allow to understand the tone of who is talking. These conditions are ok for me. I just want they are explained to make the contracts realistic. In Food Critic we could’t kill via poisoned food and it was explained why. I’m just saying this. I don’t want illogic conditions like in escalations


Not many elusive targets have had a opportunity to use the lethal poison vial, i’m more upset by that than not have the option to use FE :smiley:.


I don’t understand why people are okay with this condition, or even more hilarious, think it’s good. Also i don’t understand why people keep talking about the FE and explosions, while this condition removes so many more options than just that.

And no guns, no fiber wire, no lethal melee, no poison, no car explosions, no lawnmower explosions etc.

It’s just waiting untill the target walks by one of the fixed kill methods and then execute it. Most videos of this ET will be very similiar, it’s all so boring.

Maybe people that only care about the suits won’t care so much about this, but people that like that experiment and try crazy stuff are severely limited by this condition. In the end it’s just a terrible idea.

I propose that they make it so you only have 2 minutes to kill the next ET in Paris, and see how some of you would like that.

Funny thing is that having a 2 minute limit is still a much better idea than removing so many killing methods.



“I don’t understand why people are okay with this condition, or even more hilarious, think it’s good.”

Maybe its because evry1 has different opinions? I’m actually intrigued by these kill conditions and think this is a good change of pace.


Yep. I think the 2 minute time limit is an awesome idea.

Because, you know, it’s important to force people to mix up their playstyle on 1 time Elusive Targets.

Escalations weren’t made for that or anything.


Let’s wait and listen to the briefing. There is probably a good narrative reason that it has to look like an accident and the body cannot be blown to shit in the process.


I hope this target walks past every exploding object on the map :stuck_out_tongue: