Elusive Target #18 The Chameleon 01.13.2017 (13.01.2017)


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There are a lot more restrictions other than “don’t go yolo-ing a fe+duck”.

Unless this ET has the largest path of them all, this could be very linear.


What he said was correct, poison acts as an accident, and in relation to body found it counts as an accident


See this is the sort of close-mindedness that has everyone upset. Accident kills are in no way linear (falling, drowning) and can be performed in multiple locations if you use luring, or any of the other methods to move NPC’s from their paths. But you refuse to believe that anything else is possible and we will only see variations of a set number of accident kills along the target’s path. I’m confident that we will in fact see some very unique kills on this ET.


The only two non-linear accidents allowed - and considering there are a grand total of two toilets in Colorado, drowning is pretty much out of the question. Add that to the fact that Colorado is also flat as shit and you have one unenjoyable elusive target.

So yes. This ET will be linear as fuck.


Refamiliarizing myself with Colorado for this ET is reminding me of why I don’t care much for the level.


I’m trying to understand why so many people think it’s an accident kill. I can’t possibly imagine how SO many people can be mis-informed.

There is no reason to even be mentioning the word accident in the same sentence as poison kill. All a poison kill does is ensure you don’t lose the body found penalty. That’s all. I just don’t feel like his info is that clear. Especially since he’s the 2nd biggest Hitman youtuber. Maybe it’s just me though ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Hahaha agree, Colorado is a dangerous map, even the chef is armed and the place is overcrowded, but with the right disguises we can try our best to blend in, just remember if the s*** is about to hit the fan you can always restart… unless you have done 1 out of the 2 objectives that is :smiley:.

Last ET i messed up and a police officer pointed a gun at me, he was about to shoot, but i quickly pressed option on my PS4 controller and restarted the mission, it was very close that i failed it :fearful:.


Well I’m going to be patient and see what people come up with. Yes, you could be right. But going in with the mindset that this target will be very linear (without having seen the target’s route yet) is a surefire way to stifle one’s creativity.


First kill him and then retriveve the documents is what I think the safest way to go. If he is carrying them, then it doesn’t matters.


Documents are in basement torture room.


I hate Colorado, but I think distractions will be instrumental with this ET. I don’t think it will be linear.


Same reason why so many people are still confused when they see someone getting compromised in a run but still getting SA: They didn’t take the time to test stuff themselves and learn about the game.

Before the patch that changed the poison, accident kills were the only kills where you didn’t have to worry about the bodies. So when this change came it isn’t so weird to refer to something that works the same way.


As bored as I’ve been lately with this game (ARK: SE ftw) I still stick around for the ET’s - good job IOI, this is actual replay value.

That being said, seeing as they’ve made the game retardedly easy to play I’m just going to be a lazy ass and select a starting point, knock out a few people, and strike when the time is right.

I have a feeling this ET may be easier than all the butthurt FE reliant players are claiming it to be.


To be fair to them, they’re not complaining that it will be hard. Rather boring/uninspired by the ‘lack’ of options. Which, like I said, is a bit close-minded, given that they haven’t even seen the target’s route yet.


The complaints have nothing to do with difficulty or the FE, atleast not from my part. Assuming you are referring to me


i never argued for kill restrictions in elusive targets, so…


Agree, i think killing him is going to be the hardest part, but with unnoticed kill it should be easier to go after the documents, spotted while killing him will make it almost impossible to retrieve the documents, i think.


Nice response @Quinn!


Elusive targets are the reason why I keep coming back. Not only that but I “train” a few days before to get my muscle memory back and study the levels carefully. It’s a brilliant idea and I’m pretty sure other developers will implement similar ideas in the coming wave of videogames. I recently failed my second elusive target (both my failures are in Bangkok) and it wasn’t due to a glitch but to my own impatience and I still had a great experience. I’m interested in this elusive because it has different parameters, I’m usually skeptical of anything that strangles creativity but if it serves to build the character, story and drama then I’m all for it. Part of what I love about elusives is the short form storytelling; it’s why I remember each success and failure so vividly. I’d urge you guys to reserve judgement until you experience this elusive target.

PS- I’m very sad about 4T7’s fibrewire runs coming to an end and I wish they would do an exception for you (and we’ve disagreed numerous times on here). Still much respect for you and your assassin’s craft.