Elusive Target #18: The Chameleon

Thanks to @Q.Minh for posting this in the comments below!


I am beary hyped for this ET.

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I will try not to miss this one :roll_eyes:.

I will try not to fuck up this one.


Posting in what will be a very popular topic, I’m sure. Who else is ready for 47-with-cowboy-hat-just-because?

Hoping this will also be the ET to break me through the threshold bearrier for the Winter Suit.

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Respect for people going for a firefight in this one.

Challenge: kill the target, then kill everyone else, no wickerman!


Are you going into the Danger Zone in an alternate account, TB?

Maybe. Was actually challenging someone else

Do it! I mean, you have like 4-5 alternate accounts. This map is basically a death sentence if you get involved in a firefight in the wrong spot.

Aww yiss, time to get me a nice new outfit. I’ll be shooting for SA since I want to work my way towards the winter coat as well. I stupidly missed the fairly recent Sapienza ET so now I still have to do ETs in Colorado, Sapienza and Hokkaido to get the suits I’m missing.

No promises. Will speedrun it with atleast 1 account, rest ill use for more unique stuff

Of course you will do, dear TB. I wonder what kind of target is going to be in here. Maybe we get to kill an expert marksman (who isn’t going to defend himself, anyway), a torture expert or a hacker. Interesting setting for an ET.

I don’t understand why you have to have this ready, when you know i posting these threads when the time is right, but now you have made a placeholder thread with no real info and locked me out, i have made this threads since april 2016, so you know i’m making these when i have the info.

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Because you have been absent too long and somebody had to start creating these. Besides, the information will be avaible soon. It’s already the week.


Does it really matter Who makes these threads?

Aslong as they get created it should not matter


No i was still here when you started taking over, and you even made a placeholder thread and locked me out, before i logged out for a month.

You are acting too serious for something that anybody can edit with the info. they get over time.


I’m just planning on blowing him up with a propane tank.

I am sure it’s gonna be difficult since it’s in Colorado. I missed the chef in Paris and the Death Angel in Morocco so I won’t be getting the winter suit :frowning: Hopefully they’ll be more elusives in Paris and Morocco so I can get the tux with gloves and the Summer suit with gloves :slight_smile:


I damn hope I can car crush or hay bale this guy. I love those kills.