Elusive Target #18: The Chameleon

I will try and not miss this one!!!

I hope this is really difficult! Looking forward to this one :slight_smile:

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colorado is easier to do a mass murder run if you exploit the electric puddle in the hut where burges sits in

advice for @Fortheseven if he decides to do a mass murder run on this


Actually, it’s also easy with shooting. The second floor at the barn has a nice blind spot behind some hay where the NPCs don’t see you and you can shoot them while standing. The bad things come if you are catched doing something illegal in a bad spot, like in the middle of of the map or even in the low floor of the house.

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there is a risk of running out of ammo though. it’s better to thin out their numbers with the electric puddle first

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im scared for this et.


Is anyone gonna use the Wiker Man challenge to set everything on fire? This ET I will hopefully get my signature suit w/ gloves, but I am 3/5 for the Winter Suit. Hopefully I can finish it in the next 2 ETs.

Also this one is going to be hard, one mess up and you get shot fast

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Sadly, I feel as if I will be using a start point for this mission: most likely the greenhouse. Getting disguises from the start is risky in Colorado, especially with no-restarts.

Hopefully this ET doesn’t have his own security team.

ETs with security/an entourage are no longer an interesting complication since almost all of them have had them so far. Though I’m not expecting things to change for this ET, even though Colorado is already armed to the teeth…


It does make sense for them to have a team, otherwise it would be far too easy.

It will be nice to get an outfit for 47 that includes a hat. Running around in Sapienza all afternoon, his noggin would look like a tomato.

Screw all you guys with your fancy Winter Suits. :wink: I’m just 3/5. I’ll be skulking around the bar in the Terminus Hotel if you need me.


You and me both. I’ll be taking this one super cautious. My guess is this ET will either be in/around the house or near the barn. Was kinda disappointed with the food critic so here’s hoping for a good one!


3/5 here as well. Damn enforcer guards in the Guru.

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Get ready…


And for the first ET in Hokkaido? Japanese outfit in H2? I hope

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The Mercenary (Sarajevo Six target for Colorado) was the most difficult of the six. I suppose this ET will be more difficult

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Becuase the disc will be released during ET 19 and that’s the worst idea if that ET is in Hokkaido.

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Then let’s hope the ET is as easy as the Identity Thief, not as hard as the Black Hat.

Blackhat was easy. Let’s hope this isn’t like the prince or the pharmacist.

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My hype just build up.