Elusive Target #19 The Blackmailer 27.01.2017 DON'T USE LIGHT RIG!


Bug Report Thread

It’s probably a bit early for that


But… Why not :DDDD i am original as fuck…


I think in september. It was one of the two leaked elusive targets. The second was The Twin, released in July. I think we’ll kill him in september. After The Broker I guess a ET in Morocco


Yeap, i think so too, cause we need more elusives in marrakesh. GunRunner was not hard at all and i understand why, cause he was first. Next i belive will be more challenging.


But fuck blackmailer and broker i wanna see lara croft or adam jenson as elusives. Lara for example to sapienza ruins as explorer and adam to the icon mission with bulletproof disguise as a sensation 2.0


Noo I like Lara Croft. But I want a female ET


I love her too, but it will be nice to kill her MUHAHHAHAHAHAAAHAlalaaallaa BLAAAD BLAD blooooood HahahaaaaMULALAA. Oh sorry just wondering ^^


Well the first Elusive with a pseudo-objective apart from the kill was “The Twin”, then we have the first ET that involves a full objective besides the hit which is “The Broker”. So now that we’ve been introduced to the Elusives with objectives, it could happen at any time I suppose.


Looks dope, has a bit of an vampire look


My was first:(20chars);


You shouldn’t have brought this thread up anymore. I doubt anyone even remembered this one anymore and people are already having conversations in Ninja47:s thread, so this is just irrelevant.


I know just wanted to be asshole, st least once^_^




He will appear for TEN days, probably for disc buyers.


What happened to the other thread?

Seems to of been “pruned”


The creator @Ninja47 get banned so that thread is deleted.


Nobody ever eats / ate from it…


It’s in the Ballroom (near Mr von Zell)


Here’s the briefing, plan accordingly…