Elusive Target #19 The Blackmailer 27.01.2017 DON'T USE LIGHT RIG!


is someone doing a run for the backstory of the blackmailer?


Did it SA but very nearly blew it by being cocky! Decided I wanted to machinegun the hell out of him while wearing the winter suit so went to the trouble of getting the assault rifle to the bathroom. But then, when I went to pick it up, accidentally turned on the tap instead. Hate the fact that you can’t just turn it off or cancel the action! Here’s how it ended:


That’s the British pronunciation, and the actress voicing Diana is British. This seems like a slightly odd thing about which to gripe…

… but then again, it’s a sliding scale!


(For the avoidance of doubt - and just in case my smiley failed to sell it to a sufficient extent - this is a jocular comment. I am attacking neither Chef-assassin nor this fine forum in general.)


It’s funny you should ask…

There isn’t really any discernible back story - no one talks about him - but there is a ton of dialogue. For those who are interested in this type of thing I hope you enjoy it.


Rogue designers :wink:

They also flipped the Guru image in the lawyers office.


Hmm really? I could have sworn that with The Guru, Kieth was indeed sitting on that side as shown in the photo. I could be wrong. Maybe just misremembering…


You mean you punched him before he got to the bathroom?


As long as you hide the body, I don’t think so…
At least that’s what I believe of ncp.


Eh… Rather not risk it. I just want this winter suit thing over with… I like the ET though. He’s well-written.


Failed. I used lights drop to kill Williams, so I couldn’t take Usb. I was spotted and killed. Damn!


Well, here’s my attempt:

Didn’t watch any other videos beforehand, but read people were bringing the syringe, so I did bring that along. I’m good with 1:20! Need to see what people are doing to get like 30 seconds.


Never stop doing these. I love being able to focus on the task at hand knowing you got my back on the story aspects. Hitman’ character development is reliant on multiple playthrough a which can be a pain. Thanks for doing this for the community. I, for one, really love them.


It fails SA, sadly. Punch takedowns always do this, for now at least.


Its not about the fact that you were heard, it’s about the fact you punched him to the face.

If anyone notices you doing something illegal, even if that someone is your only (dead) target, it affects your score for petty reasons beyond my comprehension (meaning because the leaderboards ranking system).

Honestly I see the point to it but I see bigger points against it.


Damn, that sucks. Good call to restart then.


With only 1 planning run I managed to get a good route, actually got number 11 on the leaderboard, never thought I’d get that high, even this early into a target.

Only one SA left until I get my coat.

Shame about the light rig being unusable, the target using the catwalk practically begs for it.


Fuck me, I knew I wouldn’t get SA on this one, it would be too good to be true at 4/5 SA. I got him alone in the bathroom, but instead of poisoning him, I punched him and knocked him out. Notice he didn’t see me do anything suspicious. I shot him in the head, and picked up the stick. I left, thinking I got SA, but I didn’t.

I don’t know how, I thought if you hit someone and you are compromised, you just had to kill or hide him. Apparently I was wrong. Going to have to get it in Hokkaido.


Works with everything but punches.


Wow, I was just unlucky I guess. Going to have to wait 2 weeks again for Hokkaido. And I could not restart, as I already picked up the memory stick.


The silliest thing is that I believe it also happens with the stair punches from behind(auto knockout on guards) which makes even less sense.