Elusive Target #19 The Blackmailer 27.01.2017 DON'T USE LIGHT RIG!


If you look at the lamp, picture and door in that image they are the other way around compared to below

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I restarted twice to get SA and the Terminus suit and I don’t care who knows it.

BUT! Both of my first two attempts got botched because I tried to subdue the kitchen staff guy by the bathroom and ended up in melee.


wait why is there a giant PSA in the title telling everyone not to use the light rig?

nvm. turns out there is a bug where you cannot go on the catwalk when you make the light rig fall. lame


I think this might have been a side effect from fixing the bug where the people downstairs in the kitchen underneath the stage would get crushed by the light rig too.



I heard that fuck calling Helmut fat and showed him who was the supreme model there. Finally got myself that lovely winter suit. <3


Here’s my run: SA/SO my way :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking it out.


Helmut is not fat. He’s just a husky boy. Misunderstood as a child. I applaud how you stepped in for his defense and not only taught his tormenter a lesson but also earned that Winter Suit as an altruistic trinket.


This is beautiful, can I like this twice.

Helmut is my favorite non-target npc in the game, so no one shall disrespect him. :,) (Well I had to knock him out to get that outfit, but it was a part of that ritualistic vengeance, so it had to be done.)


This one was kinda easy. Completed it with a drowning accident.



Well, there is my SUCCESS light rig kill :smiley:

Also boring blind run on main account


Did whay other people did with the syringe and bathroom, but I don’t have the syringe, so I wrangled him in there with coins and garroted him. Hella risky, my hands are still a bit shaky, but I pulled it off SA.


Hahaha! Literally nobody else seemed to have as much trouble as you on this one… But I have to give you props because I’m in tears from laughing so fucking hard. Regardless you got your vengeance and that’s all that truly matters. Congrats!


20 characters


thanks :slight_smile:


I wanted to do something more cinematic having already unlocked the Winter Suit. Turns out we had the exact same idea.

Who would’ve thought sniping a runway model would attract so much attention? Anyhow, I assumed the USB drive would be with him in the body bag, and I freaked out a little when I couldn’t find it. Good thing I was wearing Helmut’s disguise and could pick it up off the runway fairly easily.


SA: I tagged him with the endemic syringe as he came off the catwalk, he went into the nearby bathroom, where I drowned him. Hid body in closet, picked up USB drive and exited via tunnel to catacombs.

Need one more SA for Winter Suit. :slight_smile:


I tried it a couple of times, and found that you have to do it nearly always at the exact place I have shown in the screenshot above. A little too late and the tech guy notices. A little too early and the guy near the bathroom notices. :slight_smile:
EDIT: Oh, and another thing which you would be already knowing I guess; do not bump into him when using the syringe. I hope your game isn’t buggy or something after all the things you’ve mentioned in your post.


That one was pretty easy with the old lethal syringe off the catwalk. The last target was harder. I’m getting a bit bored of these elusives I only do them for the suits. Oh well, the bonus epiaodes will bring new life into HITMAN for me :smile:


Another one down!! Now only one away from the glorious Winter Suit! I was really hoping I would have it for Landslide but my trusty Absolution Suit will be just fine. :grinning:

Given the plethora of new players who will be playing Hitman for the first time via the hard disc, I’d wager that ET’s will be a litttle easier to help them with success/suit collections.

Really looking forward to next week. Great job IOI!