Elusive Target #19 The Blackmailer 27.01.2017 DON'T USE LIGHT RIG!


Hey uhm… I think the thread title needs a revision.


I will never be bored when i play elusive targets, i’m always nervous and i’m thinking don’t mess up, you have one chance all the time and going for SA is even worse :blush:.

How do you do this?


Look at the video from @Kotti he did the same thing and couldn’t pick up the memory stick, same with @Bending_Cheese67 so two faild because they couldn’t retrieve the memory stick.




How could i know this was sarcasm?

I would know if you had done this:

Hey uhm… I think the thread title needs a revision. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


whats up with the light rig?


You can fail this ET if you kill the target with the light rig, if the target dies on the catwalk, you can’t get to the memory stick.


@Kotti and @Bending_Cheese67 failed because they used the light rig and couldn’t pick up the memory stick.


courier thing, again WTF IOI, i mean i got the winter suit and all, but why should they fail, shit @Kotti @Bending_Cheese67 better luck next time :frowning:


I’m sure, that they used alt account for this attempts.

UPD. And I was right :grin:


MAYBE, but still theyshould prevent this problem.


You are not alone… Same stuff happened to me too. I couldnt lure this target for shit. Prolly the hardest ET for me too. Not so much hardest but more of a tedious task. But i finally lured him to bathroom but another model got lured along with him. So i barely made it… You wouldnt believe but the other model came from the far end of the walkway just to see what happened in the bathroom on the opposite side.


That’s not the point, the point is that you can fail this if you use the light rig wrong, so it’s better to be safe than sorry, like The Fixer, you could fail if you subdued a specific shopkeeper and the courier, but if you have a problem with the title i can change it back or @DrowNby47 can change it, i just wanted to save people for failing this, sorry.


I was tempted to drop the lights on him but I’m glad I didn’t. Anyway killed him with the classic fiber wire. Been a while since I used that.


I went back on a different account and tried a variation on my “Back To Basics” run (designed to complete it SA easily when you may not have any unlocks and can only use the starting location) and go a really nice, clean way of drowning the target.

Elusive Target #19 - [Drown] The Blackmailer - SO/AO/No KO (2:44)


My god… this took a while. I probaby tried this around 25 times :cry: The guy always run somwhere different and the one time I poison him “Crime noticed”, that was the fastest pause-restart I ever did hahahaha

One more for the Signature Suit with Gloves :grin:


So you poisoned him but had time to restart before he died? Good to know. :slight_smile:


I did the light rig on my second account


I tried different toilet for drowning kill. Now I know that two persons can throw up in the same toilet. But in the end it went alright. SA and winter suit


Hi all, I’m a new member and wanted to share my experiences with this ET. This one was so frustrating and I’m wondering if anyone encountered the following:

  • This ET barely reacted to distractions and other models from far away came to check out the noises.

  • A lot of x-ray vision when injecting poison in his back. NPC’s from the bar area saw me through a wall. I tried it multiple times and it’s definitely a bug.

  • I finally managed to syringe him in a different area and he makes his way to the bathroom… only to vomit in the thrashcan right next to the toilet… ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? It gets even worse. I stand behind him when he’s vomiting and the subdue button appears. I press the button and he turns around to get punched !!!

  • Seriously buggy movement from the ET once the fashionshow ended. Like making 360’s on the spot and walking backwards even…

Most frustrating ET ever hahaha


Did you play the Sensation :smirk:

Oh, and welcome to HMF!


I’m gonna try SA/Main Entrance/Vampire Magician/Saber Only tomorrow :wink:


I’m livestreaming the new elusive target tonight at 7pm Europe time. As allways, I need support. Don’t know where to start so all your tips will come in handy. :dog: :upside_down: