Elusive Target #19 The Blackmailer 27.01.2017 DON'T USE LIGHT RIG!


I won’t be able to watch your stream at that time, but i’ll check your channel.
Can you send me a link of it?


I allways share the link in the elusive target thread when I go live. After the stream is finished you can still watch my playthrought.


lets leave the title how it is, i mean 2 failed and we don’t need more


:smiley: Agree, if @Kotti can fail then everybody can and on tuesday many new gamers will play this ET :flushed:.


I’m live now. Does anyone wants to watch and support me? Chat is visible so I can see your tips.


Ever since they threw in these secondary objectives, the ETs have been pretty lackluster. Even their briefing ifno is short now. My target was glitching out every time he started to move again and would spin around doing this moonwalk-eque movement lol.

Tried for bathroom method, but the game did the “This target isn’t affected by objects like everyone else” approach and got impatient. Stabbed him with screwdriver but was magically seen through wall. Hid in bathroom, switched disguise and grabbed the USB before escaping in the cellar.

Still 2 more ET SAs needed for Winter Suit…



SA, drowning kill. GG. 1 left before the winter suit, coincidental that one will be in snowy Japan. Yes, this is gonna be good. :snowflake:


I completely disagree. Regarding the ETs being lackluster, that’s hardly a new issue, I had teleporting guards in Gunrunner and Prince and of course we have classics like Sensation who did nothing of interest. Only a few of them have had any interesting going for them which is why I don’t think they’re worth bringing back as is, but polishing up some of the best ones and combining 2-3 into a single mission could be great.

If anything, I’d like to see some more secondary stuff in ETs. They’re the perfect place for special objectives that would get old fast in story missions (Virus in World of Tomorrow vs the egg in Broker). No equipment limitation in Situs Inversus was tedious in the main mission, but something like that could make an ET much more memorable. The Ex-Dictator was almost broken thanks to overly enthusiastic guards, but that could be turned into a neat gimmick with better communication. Gary Busey talked about having the power of invisibility - yet he never went invisible. The Identity Thief could’ve grabbed a disguise from another NPC - but he didn’t.

It’s the perfect time to go nuts with target design.


Yes, a million times yes. Secondary objectives are great. My favorite was the Fixer (I understood what was going on so I didn’t fail unfairly) because of the complex objectives. That’s how elusives are at their best IMO. More secondary objectives! That are more than just picking something up from a corpse.


I actually really liked the no itmes idea, but they should’ve locked the thing to get items back to mastery 10.


I was going to include footage of all these in my “Dialogue” video, but it was already long enough. As @GuLe discovered, Williams does not like to share the catwalk with anyone. Check out the look he gives them! Helmut really does steal the show.


Gule made a lot of pretty pictures today.


No wonder he insults his poster, calling him old and fat.


My SA, SO, No KO, No Distractions, No HUD run. Accident kill by drowning.


What a way to go out!


I did it. :smirk:


Someone saw me through a wall, so no SA for this one.
Thanks, IO.


Well, shit.

I tried to be fancy. I tried to set up a duck on the toilet then syringe.

I forgot the duck got people’s attention. I went back to pick it up, then it exploded in my face.

I’m disappointed in myself.

My third ET fail.

I will never use proximity bombs again.



I too just died. Wanted to do a screwdriver kill and got impatient then got spotted. My third fail as well. Oh well. Plenty more.