Elusive Target #19 The Blackmailer 27.01.2017 DON'T USE LIGHT RIG!


Yup, I’ve learned my lesson.

Well, I have to say, it was a pretty spectacular way to go.


Next time you do something like this… Try to temper your anger/disappointment and get video. This sounds hilarious. Thanks for sharing.


I tried, but it was too late :confused:


Yes, but you have to be VERY VERY quick. As soon as you notice the sound and the words appearing on screen hit pause. The time I did it right he died like half a second after using the needle.


On my main account, I was an idiot and while I didn’t fail, no SA because I got impatient. On my alts though, I have killed him a couple of different times, SA.

I love the Sheikhy Ma Geeky costume (my silly nickname) so I wore that and killed him with the handy fire axe. I love his expression in the mirror :smile_cat:


Sheik that axe, baby! :bear::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Got my Blood Money Suit with this ET :slight_smile:


This time, i didn’t have time to do ET in day zero. But that was easy as duck. First attempt and Silent Assassin. Im little supprised, i’m too good for this :confused:


Needled him coming off the runway. Thanks to some issues with killing Marrakesh Grandma I am still one off from my fancy winter suit.


Can someone volunteer to do this for me on PC silent assassin? They’d have to be well known around the forum.


If you need help getting SA, all you have to do:

Start out as a stylist, or get the disguise for it.
Take out the waiter by the bathroom, by luring him with a coin next to him. Hide him in the closet.
As the target walks by that bathroom (after going on the runway, and he turns left), lure him into the bathroom and kill him. He has the memory stick on him. Leave with precaution, take the main gate exit.

Pretty easy ET, but I can understand why you need a volunteer. Even I messed up on this one, didn’t get SA. I play on PS4 so I can’t help you.


You will get far more satisfaction from completing it yourself.

Try using my “Back To Basics” approach. If you follow it carefully then you can be 100% assured that you only need to commit to the kill when everything else has worked. If something goes wrong up to that point then simply restart.

Watch the video carefully and here are a few points to note:

  • Make sure you close the door in the utility room before subduing the guard / making the kill; it’s worth waiting about 1.5 seconds too, to avoid the “see through wall/door” glitch.
  • Stay behind the door (where I stand) when the guard enters the room.
  • Wait for the guard to turn off the vacuum cleaner before hitting him with the wrench him.
  • Put the guard in the closet and pick up his gun
  • When the target arrives, and after he has finished bad-mouthing Helmut, nudge him so that he stays as the other two walk away.
  • His path is random, so it may take quite a long time for him to arrive at this location; if it’s taking too long then restart because it will be different next time.

Good luck!


That is exactly why I think it is a good suggestion. First of all it doesn’t require any unlocks (including different starting locations). Secondly, as I said, he doesn’t have to perform the kill until everything has worked perfectly. This is a perfect opportunity to practise essential skills that can be used in future. There is nothing to lose by trying it, but a lot to gain.


@Codename_Thomson start out as a hair stylist with lethal syringe equipped. Go left, then right towards the catwalk stage area. Before you get to the stage area subdue the waiter standing by the loo and hide his body.

Wait by the stage area by the columns and watch the Models do their thing the target should walk around 3 time s before heading in your direction and Turning to his right.

Follow him crouched with syringe equipped then when he’s just past the window syringe him take the flash drive and run :smiley:


I didn’t know that but then again I never use coins!


That would be awesome but you’d have to limit somehow. Otherwise the game would be too easy? I’d like more interaction with targets.


It’s easier to just subdue the guy standing by the bathroom, and as the target walks off the catwalk just throw a coin into the bathroom and you have him isolated


Killing the target in the bathroom is rather simple. That’s how I got my SA. I just waited until the women who was looking for the toilet and the two stylists talking about Helmut Kruger left, took out the guard by luring him into the room with the vacuum cleaner and then used a coin to lure the target in one of the toilets to stab him with the poison syringe. Pretty easy.


That’s how throwing distractions used to work, it was absolutely terrible.


this run is from Hatch <3