Elusive Target #19 The Blackmailer 27.01.2017 DON'T USE LIGHT RIG!


You guys are mistaken. If I had my PC available I’d do it myself. But I don’t so I’m gonna have to ask someone else to do it becasue I want the unlocks


I could do it. I’m trustworthy.


was cooler on my mind.


It was a pretty badass idea. I just wish you had stayed at the window and watched the show. Still, one of the more necessary uses of the fire extinguisher so props for that. I’m glad you weren’t the millionth backstage bathroom or deadly poison syringe run.


My Silent Assassin (Winter) Suit Only run. This took a few tries, only due to the unpredictable sight lines in that backstage area.


5/5, SA. Lured him into bathroom with coins, strangled him.

2 more until Winter Suit.


How did you take him out?


Just finished the ET using the unsilenced shotgun. Got SA so im happy :ok_hand:


As Helmut with the janbiya in the sword room next to the entrance.
Full Helmut. Makeup and all.


Hey guys, wanted to get some revenge as Helmut, so I blew him up with the proximity mine, SA. Here’s an edited video (it took me about 15 mins total) with us walking almost hand in hand down the runway then the kill and exit.


That sounds great. And did you make a video for us?


Absolutely I take videos on 5 minute increments and I’m teaching until late tonight. I hope you find a suitable place for your interrogatory tone when you see the slit on Williams’ throat. :wink:

Edit: which is to say, I’ve not yet found the time to edit.


Ok, good man! I was going to say, if you’re going to moan about the amount of bathroom kills you had better be contributing with the video content :sunglasses:

I look forward to seeing it :slight_smile:


is it just me or do all of these elusive targets have only one common way of killing them?

the blackmailer - melee kill in the bathroom
the food critic - pushing off the ledge
the guru - falling object (and i actually liked the guru)


Blackmailer can also be poisoned.

Also pretty sure most people went for the super easy poison kill on the guru too.


I mean consumed poison.


the blackmailer eats food? huh, i haven’t seen him do that in my run.


No, I think the chandelier was the most common kill on the Guru.


Yeah, from what I heard there’s a cake he can eat from that you can poison. Although it seems it relies a bit on luck for it to actually happen since his route is so weird.


Well, most i’ve seen were poison, it was hands down the easiest. Spawn as kitchen staff, run to target, poison, run to exit, done.

That said, even if you went with the chandelier route, you could still be a bit creative with it :slight_smile: