Elusive Target #19 The Blackmailer 27.01.2017 DON'T USE LIGHT RIG!


haha nice guide! Could have cut out the waiting though :smirk:

I kid


Really? I saw him examining many kinds of food and saying something like “This looks good, but does it look as good as me? No.” He never ate anything though.

Seems like I’ve been doing these in an “uncommon” way (well not The Chameleon, it had so many restrictions). I lured this ET to the staircase and killed him, as it can be seen in that screenshot I posted earlier.


Personally I always try to do something different than what I see people doing. Like killing this target with electrocution (haven’t seen anyone else doing this) or sniping the chandelier hitch from the sapienza mansion in The Guru


It’s why I failed the food critic and why I lost silent assassin on the Guru. I try to do different things. I’m not Gule but I don’t watch runs and do whatever is the most carful approach. A lot of people have done some cool stuff with this one. Electrocution, gas explosion, someone even figured out the catwalk. I love the janbiya (aesthetically since it’s the only “benefit”) and I thought that it was appropriate for murder between models.


Finished it last night! :slight_smile:

Got rid of the waiter standing by the comfort room by overflowing the sink for subdue, and then Emetic Syringing the Target as he was just about to walk backstage. I wasn’t planning to get him there as there’s a chance other models will see him as they also leave the runway.

But sometimes you just know you’ve got it. One tiny prick from the needle and his fate was sealed. :slight_smile:

Not one ounce of suspicion.

My first Silent Assassin ET! :slight_smile:

Afterwards, I sat down with the little Red Rubber Ducky and said: “Yes, yes… I know I let you kill the Food Critic, but you can’t have everything your way all the time.” :wink:


You’ll start feeling more and more empowered as you get better. I’ve tried every single elusive, sans the Prince, and it’s pretty obvious when you look at the results how much I’ve improved. I’ve gone from bumbling wannabe killer to someone who gets SA on almost all the targets while taking some fun risks. Congrats on your first SA. The one in Hokkaido should be pretty great.


Well the planning of missions is something that never goes away. Especially if you’re been playing since the Codename 47 days.

What changes are the tools available and in that way I’ve always thought of “what gets the job done”.

Ironically, and I’m only going to say this now that it’s long past, when I dealt with The Food Critic, I was also dealing with real life bout of food poisoning. So I wasn’t in the best mood to “stick around and see what he does”. So pretty much I was like: “Right! I use this Red Rubber Ducky and get this over with!” :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a chance I would have still gone similarly had I not been ill. But otherwise, my usual preference is “What would James Bond or the Impossible Mission Force do?” :slight_smile:

Sometimes… planning that way can get me an SA. It’s happened before (although this is the first on an ET), and that’s what happened on The Blackmailer. :slight_smile:


I replay and plan the ETs a lot, I don’t care who thinks it’s not the “right” way to do it. I usually spend an hour or more screwing around and practicing my run, sometimes only subduing the target and then running to the exit so every aspect is familiar.

Then when I go in for the “money run,” no matter how much I’ve practiced it and planned every step, my palms are still sweating and my heart rate jacks up. That’s what I did this time, took out a couple guards, got him into the bathroom and whammo.

I was pressed for time on the evil nurse in Marrakesh, the ET was about to expire so I watched a couple of videos with these guys using explosives. I thought, “Heck I can do that.”

Holy crap, what a disaster that was. I was bleeding out in the street about one minute later. Explosives are not my forte, this is me with anything that blows up.


:+1:t2:Restart and restart often!!!


IAGO Analyst 1: “Hey, here’s one you’ll love to hear. You know that guy Walter Williams?”

IAGO Analyst 2: “What, the guy with a thing for older businesswomen?”

IAGO Analyst 1: “It ain’t a thing. It’s his little racket.”

IAGO Analyst 2: “What about him?”

IAGO Analyst 1: “Well he died just the other day. Got blown up while taking a trip to the john.”

IAGO Analyst 2: “Just when you thought it was safe to pee…”

IAGO Analyst 1: “And get this. It was Helmut Kruger.”

IAGO Analyst 2: “No way! Helmut did it? I always thought he was one of those Social Infiltrator types, never figured him for a cold-blooded killer - though he looks the part. Heard there was a price on Walter’s head. Looks like Helmut’s got his own ‘little racket’ too.”

IAGO Analyst 1: “Helmut denies it. Claims he was ‘asleep’ when the whole thing went down.”

IAGO Analyst 2: “Yeah right, a likely story. With his features? People would recognize him even with all that makeup on!”


I find Blood Money is a very good training ground for using explosives. Things I picked up in Blood Money for using them still work in HITMAN 2016/17.


Might as well get all the juice out of it. I don’t judge you at all man. Freedom of approach is the name of the game.


LOL :stuck_out_tongue: “Get all the juice out of it” I like that.

Applies to my golf game as well. Screw these guys that finish up under a hundred strokes or so. I like to take a good couple hundred swings, go through a whole box of balls. Get me some value if I’m dropping $80 on a round.


I’ve learned that trying to be fancy is a terrible, terrible idea if you don’t kno what you’re doing.


happens everyday with me m8


Love it, so much fun! :smiley_cat:


It’s too late, now. Shit…


What can I do now? Nothing?


He’s stuck on the stage. HELP ME!


If he died out of reach, there is nothing you can do, the usb drops where he dies so even if you use a FE and blow him of the stage you can’t get to the usb, just to be sure, try a FE or many and see if you can get him on the floor and check if you can pick up the usb.