Elusive Target #19 The Blackmailer 27.01.2017 DON'T USE LIGHT RIG!


It’s separated from his body… :weary:


Ah man, sorry to hear that, looks like you just have to fail it in the worst way, you have to fail on purpose :cry:.


I even managed to get his body out of stage by shooting it multiple times…


I don’t know if you can drop down from the upper floor and down to the stage? You might die trying i think.


I had to fool the game and I disconnected from the network…

Thanks, @Euler13 and @ingrobny for tips !



Hahaha that was the only option i wouldn’t give you, in case it didn’t work, happy to hear you are back in action, don’t fail this time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


I have blown up this motherfcker and taken his motherfcking USB drive!


hahaha cool, looks like you have to run or they will start to shoot you :flushed:.


Oh that’s great… but… look out behind you! :open_mouth:


The same said i, but i haven’t heard anything after that, i hope he didn’t fail, he was about to be spotted… @Bielak812 did you make it out alive :frowning:?


Lordy! Oh the suspense! Oh the tension! :scream:


That’s how I tried to do it several times, and I could never get him to respond to distractions as someone else would take priority. I tried needling him off the catwalk and just got spotted anyhow I will try this method again


Of course!
What you see on this screenshot is: they were about to spot me and they did, but I was only suspected…so I could just run to exit safely. :wink:




Choked out the crewman standing in the hallway and tossed a screwdriver into his head as he walked off the runway. A bit too easy, I think.


And this is something I always want to tell people who are angry at Hitman AI behavior and ET’s.

You have to always plan a mission such that at each “milestone” you can go three ways. Because sometimes something doesn’t pan out.

For The Blackmailer I brought a Custom 5mm rather than my Luger .22 because the Luger is actually primarily for a “drop and dupe” which is only useful if I think the target will be heavily guarded. I felt the Blackmailer had no affiliations and had to do the runway so he wouldn’t be guarded and in which case being able to conceal carry the small pistol is more important.

Next I brought Coins and Emetic Syringe… precisely because the Coins are a bit of a gamble, but can be used for 3 “dupes”, whereas the Emetic Syringe is a direct “dupe” (sends the target to the toilet).

Lastly I had a bottle of Emetic Poison in the basement stairwell because, I felt there was the possibility he might eat something in case I cannot get him anywhere else. And basically I had a priority of solution. Emetic was first, Coins next… Poisoning food as an option (as I had a Waiter disguise handy from dispatching the guy near the bathroom).

And of course… if all goes bad? The Custom 5mm maybe from the second floor balcony… A bit dramatic, but Walter can’t be allowed to live another day. :wink:


It was definitely the first time an ET had me a bit puzzled, since I was going for SA/SO. Even getting a disguise and following him around I couldn’t figure out a way to isolate him without other NPC’s taking priority for distractions. Never been angry at an ET with one exception being the gunrunner. I got xray detected and shot :frowning:

I did not see the target eat when I played, he did go to a table and talk about it though but refrained. I might have been able to find a better way to emetic syringe him if I placed coins in a certain spot, but didn’t have time to figure it out.

Just finished it. Lured him into bathroom with coins after subduing nearby npcs. Shot him in the head, felt good to be done with this.

I liked the blood splatter on the wall as you were hiding in the closet.


Probably the easiest ET yet. Won’t complain mind as I only need 2 more SA’s to unlock the winter suit.


@Travis_IOI will there be new suits?? Like agent 17 suit, devil suit from blood money, mark pyryah III white suit.


Screwed this SA pretty bad but luckily Mission Accomplished :slight_smile: