Elusive Target #19 The Blackmailer 27.01.2017 DON'T USE LIGHT RIG!


Bumping another ET topic again. I had this kill planned out. It’s nothing fancy, but a little different. Yeah, I could’ve snapped his neck or any number of other things. I probably could’ve even not subdued him, but I’ve had targets stand back when the ‘Big One’ was going off and not get killed. And I just HAD to include the Portable Radio. :heart_eyes:


It was first discovered january 27 2018, this is why we put a warning in this thread:







Who is mate that you are rekking to? :man_shrugging:


I’m also on Xbox. Gitrektm8


But Xbox is where the weak reside.

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I can’t believe IO didn’t think to adjust the light rig after the issues with it last time…



Elusive Target #19 The Blackmailer by Fire (2:08) SA


What’s the problem with the light rig?


Went with the poison kill for this target, shout out to @_AnoMade for the route.


If you drop the light rig on the target, you’re essentially locked out of completing the contract as you can not get to the USB stick. If you’re lucky you might get the prompt if you approach the stage from the side.




i took my time and went for the drown. No trace, just a poop covered face that’s how i role play. SA af.


The Blackmailer - Clown Drown (2:42)



I’m really loving these clown challenges :grin:


I’ll say how I find it funny… Getting “Silent Assassin” when using some loud method that panics the crowd. That’s not exactly “Silent”. :laughing: (I know, I know).


Oh, so it doesn’t completely make it so you can’t pick it up at all, just hard to reach offstage. Thanks