Elusive Target #19 The Blackmailer 27.01.2017 DON'T USE LIGHT RIG!


You might get the option to pick it up, but more than likely you won’t.

I’ve seen only a few cases of people that were lucky enough to get the prompt. Most didn’t.



Sick! He dislikes Kruger lmao


Pagens thumbnail reminds me of the cinematic vid I made of this et back on its first cycle. 47 sets up the blackmailer and has Helmut kill him.

If anyone is interested in a short little movie.


Suit Only/Silent Assassin/Modern Lethal Syringe Kill… Not one single distraction needed! I did try using the Emetic Syringe in this exact position, but the target just goes to the trash bin to get sick every time. He never goes to the toilets :frowning:


Elusive Target #19 The Blackmailer by the Light Rig (3:12) SA/SO




Went undercover as Helmut. Overheard he was thinking of blackmailing Dhalia, so we can’t have that!


Didn’t go for SA, framed Kruger. Hope they got that on camera.


Played it during the stream, dodge and weave into the toilet


Because if you kill with light rig…

The USB drive you need to retrieve will be trapped in the rubble.


How does that walking off a ledge trick work? I know it has something to do with aiming down -right? Or can it only work if 47 has something to climb down onto?.. I’m just thinking if 47 was in the attic or room/restroom on the top floor where he can normally climb out… could 47 be made to essentially land on the area where the rubble is?

I guess if it were possible someone would’ve thought of and done it at this point. If not… Just putting it out there.


The one to get down from the light rig? It’s been patched.


Apparently 47 is lazy and can’t be bothered to walk over the mess


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