Elusive Target #19 The Blackmailer 27.01.2017 DON'T USE LIGHT RIG!


SA in 0:52. Should have used fiber wire instead, but didn’t know this strat would work to begin with.


I hope not, so i put a warning in the thread title, maybe it can save someone from failing.

(Sorry for that @DrowNby47)


I’m just finishing the upload of the battle axe run :wink:


The SA/SO/Battle Axe run is hereeeeee:


Okay, don’t use the light rig.

Duly noted.


Cool, i saved one! :smiley:


I was going to use it.

The winter suit was going to wait. I really wanted to use it. Ah well. Could you subdue the ET, grab the memory stick, then have him woken up again?


Yes you can :smiley:.

Thanks for correcting me :smiley: i changed my post.


Alright, disappointing, but at least I won’t fail.


I’m ready for NINJA ONLY/SA/Katana Only in the hokkaido ET :wink:


Cant you acces the catwalk from the backstage? I’m pretty sure I’ve done it some time


Yes, that’s how i did my battle axe run


Yup,but when he is crushed, the memory stick is destroyed (well, i like to think that, but it disappears)


The memory stick is most likely intact, but @Kotti tried to enter the stage after the light rig crash, but he couldn’t go out there to retrieve the memory stick.

@Bending_Cheese67 failed also in the same way, i don’t know if he tried to enter the stage after the crash.



I tried to enter too


Got SA first attempt. That was insanely easy, but I’m not complaining! I did get my winter suit after all. :relieved:


I wonder why they even changed how it worked in the first place. You could climb on it and walk around before.

I’m guessing this one was one of their first ever made ETs, and the light rig strategy worked fine, but then they changed how the light rig works and never remembered to adjust it.



Since I already have all of the current Elusive unlocks I just went for a snipe (while he’s on the catwalk) from Dalia’s bathroom and then picked up the memory stick as Helmut Kruger.


I think this guy was one of IO early ideas for the Paris mission. IO have stated that some of the elusives are based on their early ideas


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