Elusive Target #19 The Blackmailer 27.01.2017 DON'T USE LIGHT RIG!


I just tried now in the showstopper, there is no way to enter the catwalk after the light rig crash, i could swear i could do that when the game first came out… weird…


Must have changed in one of the patches. Guess nobody noticed since it’s not really the kind of thing people do more than once. (lenghty setup and collateral kills)


Agree, we didn’t need anything from Novikov or the Sarajevo Six target, so there was no need to go out on the catwalk after the crash, but with The Blackmailer we need the memory stick and it will be impossible to retrieve it if he is killed with the light rig while he is on the catwalk :flushed:.


Wow! That REALLY sucks about the light rig :confused:
Thank god I only use the Fiberwire lol

Off topic real quick (well, sort of) but I just noticed this targets hair “Curl” is shown on opposite sides in his photos. :laughing:

On his left

Then here, on his right

EDIT: unless of course the first photo is a mirror reflection?? Not sure… :hugs:


That’s the scrapped idea of including a twin brother like with the Narvaez brothers. :bear::grin:


It was the wrong person all along, we all secretly failed this ET!




Why have they been decreasing the briefing size for ETs?

They are now only a paragraph compared to the three or four they used to have.

Hopefully this means all the work is going into season 2.

I mean , they could just ask me to do them. I’ve got way too much free time :joy:


Yeah I know, I’ve noticed that too. I’m a bit disappointed with that. I know some people may not care about that, but me personally, I always enjoy reading a nice long briefing to get more backstory on a target.

Lol idk it’s just one of those things with Elusives that I look forward to and it’s a shame when it’s only a paragraph long :confused:


Yeah, I think it’s only been the Chameleon and the Blackmailer so far.

The Chameleon has some serious story potential as well.


Yeah they did. I believe there were others that had small descriptions as well. From what I remember, The Prince, The Wildcard and I’m pretty sure one or two more had very small ones.

I really liked when I first opened The Angel of Deaths and the others where you actually had to scroll down to read more lol those are the best ones!


Etta Davis has the best background story and also the wildcard part because of what of an unexpected target she was.


Agreed, more backstories like hers please.

The Broker also had a really small one if I remember rightly.

I also like the Congressman’s backstory along with the Sensations.

Edit: And The Ekwenskis. They had excellent backstories.


That’s strange, because this video say different.


I second that!

Yup. The longer the backstory with Elusives, the better IMO. Like I said, I’m sure it ain’t that big of deal to most, but having a good long background (especially for Elusives) really helps bring the target to life. Gives them a personality, ya know? That’s just my two cents anyway.


Anyone else hate the way Diana pronounces schedule at the start of the level without the “c”. For some reason it just stands out and irks me.


I hated how in the briefing she missed a word. The subtitles read “participating in the Sanguine fashion show” but she actually said “participating in Sanguine fashion show”.


Some nice piece of candy kill ahead :slight_smile: . Watch it to know what i mean:



Haha yep, I know what ya mean :smile:

A few things, Diana does in this game that pisses me off lol

  • THAT is (targets name)

  • 47: "It’s happened before."
    Diana: "Italy. Morocco. Paris."
    Way to ruin my excitement there about references from past games, Diana…

  • BASTARD! :grin:

  • And of course, what you mentioned lol “Shedule”