Elusive Target #19: The Blackmailer [Reactivation 13 September 2019]

I got lucky on the wait time.

I had thought of using the Tanto, but didn’t want to risk a punch glitch or getting a ‘Combat Heard’.


Let me just measure your neck, sir.

Just did a normal run. Didn’t want to go as “Helmet” Kruger this time since I already did that two years ago. This guy still didn’t seem to want to eat the food he went to look at regularly.


Not too sure what to make of this! The Model chick was bugged out after discovering the Target dropping dead instantly. She just kept repeating ‘‘AWESOME’’ ‘‘WHO’S THE BOSS’’ ‘‘YES’’ ‘‘ALRIGHTY’’ and doing the same animation trying to pick something up :grinning:

Anyways super easy New Suit Only/Silent Assassin/ICA Phone method…


Good show but I can’t quite work out what happened. Why did the target come into that area? You didn’t appear to do anything to prompt it. You bumped him, placed the 'phone and went off to wait, I can’t see the mechanism that gives him the question mark.


Stupidly simple. Started in kitchen, went behind catwalk and lured waiter inside. Subdued him and hide him in closet. I wanted to do something special for Walter, but as I exited bathroom, I noticed he just arrived at catwalk. So I waited a bit and then prepared him a coin. Meanwhile, I went into bathroom and turned on sink and put mobile phone on toilet. He got distracted first by coin, then by sink and finally by phone. Drowned him like rat he was and took memory stick. Exited via basement.
My fastest ET, because I wasn’t messing around much. Unlocked Undying suit.

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I’ve got a question - if you are seen throwing muffin at someone, do you enter into compromised after you hit the target?

The people of this forum have spoken. Kalashnikov, Suit Only it is.

Picture heavy adventures of Kalashnikov-holding three-piece wearing two-bit gangster on a one-man mission to eliminate Walter Williams aka The Blackmailer. Enjoy!

Exciting Adventures of the Bald Gangster in Paris

Loadout was very simple to choose. The only thing I decided to make harder for myself was having to carry Kalashnikov around instead of using a briefcase. For dramatic effect, of course.

AIn’t this suit looks awesome with AK? Good ol’ mob hitman.
The plan simple and foolproof - poison syringe and bathroom massacre.

After he puked his guts out, I held him at gunpoint for about half a minute more due to Viktor and Kurt appearing in the kitchen. Love this mechanic in combination with the new SA rules.

Poor sod, never should have blackmailed his lover.

No comments needed, I guess.

Stored the body in the closet, dropped the AK and immediately ran out to avoid being swarmed by guards.

Returned for the momory stick.

And exited in style.



This target was just stupid. Too easy to lure him in the toilet and have any kind of fun with him. Lol

Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more :wink:

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Failed. Dropped the lighting rig on target while he was on the catwalk, but that meant I couldn’t approach the body to collect the dongle. :frowning:


NPCs will only condemn you for throwing things around if you’re throwing muffins, apples or burgers at someone. So it’s basically okay to be seen doing it but you’d better not hang around or they would compromise you eventually.

Edit: you also cannot be seen by your target if you intent to kill him with accident, not in the recent patches at least. Compromised state can only be erased if you kill your target with non-accident approaches such as bullet or neck snap.

You could’ve waited till panic calms down and then get the stick.
There is an opportunity to climb on the catwalk and grab what you need without any troubles if you’re fast enough

The problem is that once the light rig falls, you literally cannot go onto the stage any longer because of the wreckage, so I couldn’t collect the file and I couldn’t reach it from the side of the stage. I tried shooting the file in case it had its own physics and could be shot-moved off the stage, but that didn’t work either.

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I call it the detonator lure hue

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Is it? Didn’t know that.
But I’ve seen videos for HITMAN 2016 game where people succeeded in this strategy.
They killed him with a rig and obtained that USB-stick

For all I know, that can be only done if his body is close to one of the edges of the catwalk, If he is out of reach, there is no way to obtain the memory stick, in Hitman 1 people even tried to blow him off stage with FE, to try to get his body off the catwalk, but that didn’t work either.
So using the light rig is risky and I wouldn’t do it.

Same, but I meant, it’s way too risky in this ET :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

I never did it unless killing Novikov for an achievement :slight_smile:

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That Clown knows everything <3