Elusive Target #19: The Blackmailer

Is that the one from ages ago?

It says retrieval of the USB is optional. I find it hard to believe that will be the case.

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He looks scary with that makeup but I’m also kinda disappointed that they didn’t give him an entirely unique appearance cause that is Helmut’s costume.

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It is the one from ages ago and is not the final one. It’s close, but not quite.

Elusive Target 19 has two objectives:

(1) Eliminate Walter Williams & (2) Retrieve Memory Stick


Thanks Travis :sunglasses:

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the target moves… thank goodness

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Can you be juiced for any information on how many elusives remain? Like an orange?

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the fuck is up w/ that thread title

(27th Jan - 5th Feb) would be better

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Except that it ends on the 6th…


You’re right huehue, I counted the 27th as a full day :confused:

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Ok, i think thread is ready now, discuss:)

inb4 10 more title changes


:DDDDD just worried about the thread, i want it to be good.

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I hope this ET will have an interesting route. Unlike a certain Chameleon.


Unless it’s changed since some ET’s accidentally launched in April, it’s a longer route - but it’s not overly interesting. There is/was a moment where he was completely isolated in a walkway where there may as well be a neon sign saying ‘INSERT SYRINGE NOW’.

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I wonder if there’s any way to interact with the target while wearing the Helmut Kruger disguise. All I can think about right now is to go through the catwalk right behind him and push him into the crowd… But that would, likely, result in failure. Maybe, as Helmut, we could invite him to the bathroom for some male model on male model action (most likely this is absolutely not the case but it would be pretty cool).


Sounds good to me :smiley: maybe i can finally achieve SA on a ET in Paris, oh wait i have at least 1 SA in Paris, but ET’s in Paris can be hard to do SA :blush:.
I even messed up my SA on the Forger, i tried suit only and was spotted when i was on my way to the exit :flushed:.

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As of the leak early last year, identifying the target is easy* (despite the fact many people will be walking around in almost identical clothing/makeup) - he will walk the catwalk, but instead of walking around the back behind the stage and heading back toward the dressing room - he will turn to the right and walk down the walkway alongside the windows looking into the bar area before hanging out with the crowd for a bit. Poison shall be your friend with this one.

*Path may or may not have changed since then.


:joy:Male model on male model action! “Uh, Dahlia, I can’t come right now because I’m currently tied up at the moment.”


will be funny to try and kill him with sa


Should be easy enough to achieve. They wouldn’t launch the disc with a difficult ET for the new players.

In fact, the ET difficulty has likely been reset to ease the disc players into them. So I’d expect the next few to be a walk in the park before the difficulty increases slightly. Which will probably make the ETs enjoyable again, since IO seems to think small routes are the only way to ramp up the difficulty.

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