Elusive Target #19: The Blackmailer

For all I know, that can be only done if his body is close to one of the edges of the catwalk, If he is out of reach, there is no way to obtain the memory stick, in Hitman 1 people even tried to blow him off stage with FE, to try to get his body off the catwalk, but that didn’t work either.
So using the light rig is risky and I wouldn’t do it.

Same, but I meant, it’s way too risky in this ET :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

I never did it unless killing Novikov for an achievement :slight_smile:

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That Clown knows everything <3

I should have remembered the golden rule of Hitman: experimentation is fine in the main game, but elusive contracts = pale duck and run. :hatched_chick::fire:

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Nobody stops you from experimenting in ETs. Just try to make sure you’re not going past the point of no return without a backup plan.

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Fixed for guaranteed and failproof SA


Note you have to run a full circle to receive the dongle.

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SA!KO Fiberwire
Wurl rekky


What was your approach to !KO?

The waiter was the only one that could’ve gotten knocked out but then I brought emetic syringe.

Firstly I tried to get Walter to the attic by doing the weapon lure, I gave up on that so that’s scrapped.

Restarted at the attic, changed to Vampire Magician, went to the basement and changed to waiter.

Tried emetic syringing the waiter near the bathroom so I could distract Walter to the bathroom. But didn’t worl since my Vampire Magician disguise is downstairs. Scrapped changing to waiter disguise, restart and bring coins.

Now I’m wearing the Vampire Magician disguise. Waiter is poisoned, I wait for Walter to finish his walk, placed couple coins right side of the backstage. Weapon lure worked, went down to the basement and got him there. Exit catacombs


Oh . . . er . . . sorry but I don’t get it. People follow the detonator? Please explain, I feel a bit silly here!

Although from where I’m sitting, once the pick-up indicator has started going round 47 can start running and it’ll fly into his hand (unless they tweaked it again).

Edit: you also cannot be seen by your target if you intent to kill him with accident, not in the recent patches at least. Compromised state can only be erased if you kill your target with non-accident approaches such as bullet or neck snap.

That must mean either there’s been an oversight or 47’s hands double as mind erasers. Pesky accidents leaving them hanging just long enough to testify against you.
I’m thankful I’ve found this information before causing me to lose an SA, thanks for the heads up.

May I ask, what is this SA!KO I hear of? I could always try something different than luring the target to an enclosed location and snapping their necks in the most bland and unimaginative fashion possible for the sake of safety.

Well I failed my 1st H2 Elusive Target today.
I had been working with using a tripwire to detonate the Light Rig.

I was able to get him, but couldn’t reach the flash drive (I knew it could be an outcome).

I did break the game in a way I’ve never seen anyone mention before. It took the game an entire 20 seconds to realize that I killed the target (and a bunch of other people).

Unfortunately while reattempting, something I didn’t see set it off the tripwire while I was beside it and I failed.
Live by the sword, die by the sword I guess.


RIP, @Morty7, we’ll remember you :cry:


Well SA rating will be granted eventually if you kill a target after getting spotted but the Never Spotted bonus will not be registered, aka the notorious four-star SA. Dunno if it works the same as the five-star SA regarding ETs so wounldn’t recommend it. SA!SO means silent assassin and no knock out, it’s a set of rules to make ETs and contracts more challenging and satisfying. Also there’s SO (suit only), NLO (no load out) etc.

And thanks to @Serious_Pony, my new favourite: SA/SO/AK :joy:


i had to go for a SASO fibre wire run


Pretty boring target got an equally boring fiber wiring. Looking forward to The Angel of Death!

I’m pretty sure she will be as boring as The Blackmailer was for you, you can easily run upstairs and push her over the railing and get a easy SA :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.