ELUSIVE TARGET #19: THE GUNRUNNER (Year 2) (10 - 20 June)

It"s a success for me! I was so disappointed by my outcome with the Serial Killer that i wanted to be sure to take down the Gunrunner good. I meant business. I’ll dismantle any suspens: it’s probably the most common way to take him down. I made him move into the basement after i blew up a car near him. It took me a while to find a remote control bomb just behind the vehicle (it was there all the time?!). I’m proud i came up with an evolutive strategy through different attempts to finally get SA with a clean kill. I’m just bothered i couldn’t find a way to kill him without taking someone else. First time i finally did this ET and it was one of the easiest kill.


Sorry to put this in The Gunrunner thread, but as I’d been asked about doing a dialogue video in this thread, and because she only appears in the Elusive Target Arcade there isn’t a dedicated thread. So, this seemed like the best place. There wasn’t a massive amount of dialogue, but it was still quite interesting. As always, I hope you enjoy.

Hitman 3 - Elusive Target: The Pharmacist - Dialogue