Elusive Target #19: THE GUNRUNNER (Year 3: 16-26 June 2023)



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I remembered not loving this one in H1. I can’t remember if there is a way to interact with the Interpol agent or not, but when Diana first said there was an interpol agent I got all excited for Carlton Smith even though I don’t think we knew yet that he lost his CIA job.

I tried to trigger the interpol interaction but couldn’t get it. I got tired of trying and just took him out. My plan was to lure him into the staircase room with an emetic dart. I knew this would be risky bc of all the soldiers in the basement. I found pole to hide behind and lobbed one in from at least 30 feet away. It was a pretty good shot and I got it on one attempt. Target went the direction I wanted him to, but didn’t go into the room. He uses a bin. I had prepared for this with a lethal poison but was scared these two guards would see. I went for it anyway and they didn’t see me stick him, but the did see him drop so I had to boogy out of there pretty quick. The whole time getting back to an exit I was just praying they wouldn’t expand their search upstairs bc I had the knocked out solider not so far from where the target went down.

I made it out SA. I kinda with the gun runner had a darker vest and used the word Putz to make him the same as in absolution, but oh well.


That’s the best part! Real tension. I have a “missed” and a “failed” too. Don’t sweat it, but also don’t let it force you into cheesing the next one. Keep it interesting and enjoy the playthrough.

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Weirdest thing about this ET is that they allow near by starting location, you can start right next to this dude and its fun, still doesn’t take the challenge cuz its hostile

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I may have not known you can change starting locations for ETs until just now :joy:

I had to have known at one point. Just forgot maybe.

Bruh, the Serial Killer was available a sec ago and they restricted Server starting location on that one.

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I have been using the default for as long as I can remember.


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I’m pretty sure the bodyguard that is wandering around is supposed to be the Interpol Agent. Which is just a way to keep 47 from staying in one spot near the target. So to “explain” what this one is doing they just tack on the “Interpol Agent” line from Diana. It only makes sense.


I’m pretty sure the bodyguard that is wandering around is supposed to be the Interpol Agent.

I don’t think so. There is another one, which has a dialogue with Đurić about smuggling weapons. it ends something like this (not accurate):

Vito: You know a lot about Zimbabwe, we gonna have a talk about it later.

Bodyguard: Yes, a nice long conversation. [probably refers to interrogation]


Either way it would have been cool if there was some interaction. Either the investigator tries to pull gunrunner out bc he doesn’t want him killed or maybe he walks off into the bazar in order to make it easier for you :joy:

A fairly simple strategy, but the first time I played this one, I knocked out most of the garage, so this time I wanted to try no pacifications and threw in no loadout simply because I could.

If I were really cool, I would have done it suit only. :grin:

  • Does the coin fetch trick. :roll_eyes:

That’s the only thing I’ve never had any success with, yet. Not that I’ve tried it a whole lot, but the times I have done it - it didn’t seem to work.

Guess I’ve got something else to practice (because it does look simple/easy). :scientist:


Wait… Did anyone else notice the bodyguard that just vanishes into thin air at 2m11s?

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I suppose these things are relative. :grin:

The coin fetch trick is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Bump, place coin, pick up coin, run. I found @Count.Rushmore’s video on it (and the weapon lure) quite helpful.

I caught that out of the corner of my eye and thought it was just the movement of the camera…but he clearly just disappears. :eyes:


He disappeared in my run too, right in front of me. Maybe he had to use the bathroom.


This made me curious enough to test this myself on PS5. He vanishes into thin air consistently once the panic from the Target Lockdown comes to an end and he holsters his gun. Didn’t bother to figure out where he teleports to though.

Have shoved this into the Bug Report thread.


I’ve just used sieker on him, and when he puked did propane explosion kill.
Left the garage in the car.

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In ‘The Prince’ there is one guard in particular that teleports when a lockdown ends… The one that guards the stairs in the bell tower (at the bottom).

It’s off topic, but since we were discussing teleporting guards atm… :man_shrugging:

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