Elusive Target #19: THE GUNRUNNER (Year 4: June 7-17 2024)

Sieker, KO him at the trash can, drag him in the room immediately adjacent, neck snap, leave him there. SA ezpz


Hitman 3 - The Gunrunner - Deerkiling


I brought in a sieker and a tranq - used the first two sieker bullets to take out two random NPCs, then used the third to make the target go to the private room. Then dropped a propane tank and EMP then pressed it as I was making it towards the exit.

Usually I play around with elusive targets, but I had plenty of time to practice this one in the ETA.


I was at least expecting an Interpol badge on someone - they could have reused the asset from Colorado. Doesn’t make much sense for him to carry a badge undercover, but still, I was hopeful.

Finally that beautiful summer suit



Lmfao man that’s hilarious

Thought I’d change up my usual routine for this one. Started as a Janitor, smuggled the electronic keycard in the janitor cart. Grabbed the wrench, threw it to get the Elite soldier, used a tranq syringe on him, got his disguise, then got the consulate car keys…

Used the sieker on the target, placed 2 coins obtained from the garage to get him into the nearby Rm for a more secured lethal poison syringe opportunity. Left via the car.

Not my fastest time, but I don’t think I care about that anymore. It’s all about the experience, trying new/different things. :smirk:

Sneaking around the garage in my suit can be exciting (using peek-a-boos and coin distractions), but I’ve done that enough already.


I did a similar run, however I started inside the consulate as the janitor to get the car keys and used the propane flask for the kill like you did.

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I used a strategy different from my previous runs. Thanks to ETA, I could test other strategies. Notably, I tried and succeeded SASO runs.
Loadout: Sieker, Coin, Micro-taser
Smuggle: Silverballer in the parking lot.
I start in the parking lot. I bring the Silverballer and one propane tank in the storage room. I make my way to the bin and drop the propane tank. Leave the micro-taser by the propane cannister. Shoot once to make it leaked. Shoot the Gunrunner with Sieker. When he’s puking, trigger the micro-taser. BOUM!
Escape from the parking and reach a safe exit.
SASO. Very satisfying.

I really enjoy the ETA, it allows some preparations and testings for the ET missions.


Couldn’t be bothered experimenting/being creative with this. It was only just over two weeks that this showed up in the Arcade with the restriction being ‘no recordings’, so I’d already played this quite creatively very recently that I just didn’t care enough to do it again. In fact playing it again almost felt a bit like a chore.

Went for a lethal poison injection and called it a day. :yawning_face:


Wow, so that’s what that feels like

I failed. For the first time ever, I failed. I was lazy and did not pay attention and I failed. For ever and ever now the game will say: YOU FAILED. 100% gone forever. Because you messed up. That’s it, bye.

I even got so irritated that I forgot I could force quit the game to try again even after the kill. My heart was just pumping trying to survive because I was so nervous , only able to think YOU SCREWED IT UP FOREVER. There will never ever be a chance ever again to get full completion. It’s over, and there is nothing you can do about it.

It took 6 years, but finally the big thing I always feared would happen happened. The one big reason why ETs are such a stupid idea.



Sorry to hear that. But I suggest you to not think too much about that. It’s really not a big deal after all.

I won’t have 100% neither on my Et’s carrier tab for different reasons, because I missed some of them (because I was bored and didn’t cared too much about Jimmy Chen and killing the Deceivers, the Black Hat, the Twin and the Entertainer for the 3rd or 4th time) and I also failed SA on the Serial Killer on my main account, but I don’t care, it’s not really worth the pain. At last, I hope you won’t miss the suit unlock.

This ET, the Gunrunner, it’s also one of the most uninspired of the bunch, you don’t have much to do with him, any main mission target is better than it. So, don’t bother too much about it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Done. As planned, fulfilled the trope Shotguns Are Just Better, SASO. Almost got caught at the end and that was annoying; my standards don’t allow me to let a question mark and investigation to happen by almost being spotted, but I had already killed the target, so no going back. Beyond that, an otherwise perfect playthrough, and a surgical strike.


Look at it this way: it could be a lot worse. I was super paranoid on The Serial Killer despite it being a really easy ET because if something went wrong and I failed I’d be permanently locked out of getting the Suburban Suit w/ Driving Gloves. It’s why I’m also going to be very nervous doing The Revolutionary as a normal ET despite doing it many times successfully in the Arcade.


When I blew myself up with a fire extinguisher playing the Black Hat, I sat there for a minute in shock and disappointment. Then I just started laughing.

When I electrocuted myself on the Politician while luring her to a broken fish tank, I questioned my sanity and my choices. Why did I try something so silly instead of just shooting the gas tank by where she smokes? I’d played this ET before, I knew how to do it… oh well. Couldn’t help but laugh.

Last week when I blew myself up with a fucking proximity duck on the Serial Killer, I asked myself if I’ll ever learn my lesson. That’s 3 ETs failed because of being an idiot in a game I’ve played almost daily for years.

You can’t help but laugh, friend. The rollercoaster of emotions is part of the experience. Entropy is the only constant, man.


I did… reading all that. Thanks! :rofl:


hOw Do U BloCK sOmEoNE oN ThiS siTE


Even today, I’m trying to pull off all sorts of risky complicated maneuvers and blow this guy up with a leaky stove, and my hands are shaking after every failed attempt. It’s a nice rush.

In the end I just threw two emetic grenades and shot two emetic darts to make a Puke Party, then slit Vito’s throat with a handy nearby knife while he was on the ground floor kitchen-ish area.

IOI really got better at putting time and effort into ETs as the games went on, huh?

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That was lame af. How I was supposed to do this properly? Does that guy do anything besides walking between 3 tables? Diana said one of the bodyguards is an undercover interpol, but couldn’t find any opportunities regarding that.