Elusive Target #19: THE GUNRUNNER (Year 4: June 7-17 2024)

Chen, yes. Briefcase in the gallery and drowned in the toilet. For Duric I just threw the propane tank where he takes his phone call and shot the tank with a pistol. I was pretty sure that at least one of the guards would have been taken out too but Duric was the only casualty. Ran back to street level while everyone was confused and walked to the exit.

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Well I don’t know when that was created but the last post (as of right now) is from October of 2023. I couldn’t be bothered, as I already said.

yep,I killed Stowaway Jimmy Chen and gunrunner Vito Duric,For Chen,I used Sieker shot his body,and drown him in toilet ,exit to helicopter,For Vito,I started from the underground parking and used a flashing phone to attract and calm a soldier. After changing into a disguise, I shot Vito at him and then vomited the first soldier across from the trash can. Then, I used a lethal poison syringe to killed him

I really like the idea of using muffin to slow NPCs down.

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Here is my take on the target without using emetic/sieker/lockdown and speedrunning tactic that most people cannot do. SASO NOKO and can be done within 1:30 min if I do not take leisure to watch the target die in accident nearby.


Forgot to post it earlier with the stowaway but got him as well it’s the first time I’ve used
To eliminate him do feel bad for the poor guy that’s gonna have to fix that door again for like the seventh time today because of my earlier freelancer shenanigans


TIL that the person who posts a lot of what could be called “children related content” is called “psycho weed man”.

My grandpa actually named my psn account for me years ago i don’t actually know how to change it

This target is leaving in a few hours, soon we will see the Celebrity ET :grin: