Elusive Target #2 The Congressman (Re-Activation) Dec. 1st


The second Elusive Target will arrive on May 27th. Don’t miss it.


After this one just 3 more to go for the Absolution suit


Awesome!!! Was expecting the 2nd target would be in paris aswell, nice to see its in sapienza.


He’s in the lawyer office in the Cafe Tower.

Just a guess.

Thanks @Travis_IOI for the post, can’t wait to take this guy out!


Better late than never i guess.


You mean "few more to go for the ’Exclusive Elusive Targets Bonus Signature Tie-Pin with Highly Rendered Textures and Optional Gold Veneer’.


Looks like they are releasing one every 2 weeks. Its something


:smiley: Thanks! I’m looking forward to the next target and i’m excited about the target will appear in Italy.


Likely in the town hall, which is a big empty playground right now. I predict crushing him from the upper room where there’s a convenient window next to a ‘drop chandelier on humans below’ switch.


Yes! My payday and the Elusive target on the same day! Blood and Money!


Also my guess, but I was disappointed you can not jump from the window down to the lower room. It appears large enough to fit through and throwing something such as a fire extinguisher through the window will shatter it.

I’m still pumped though!


If ur right im gonna blow that entire building to pieces.


And twin elusive target? I hoped to play that contract in Sapienza


Hells yeah.

20 characters


I’m looking forward to it, really enjoyed the experience of the first elusive target.


looks cool. see now if they had just announced this yesterday I wouldnt have been raging so hard. hopefully we get a patch soon. its been a while


waiting 2 weeks for 5 min game.


“Check out the signature HMA suit below.”



If the target is in the lawyer’s office, I plan to start the level at the top of the town hall at the outpost, and bring a lockpick with me. I’ll also bear in mind that I can use the Bohemian’s bathroom window to climb down the building to the offices below.

Alternatively, I’ll start as a security guard, collect my sniper rifle and find a good spot from the mansion grounds to get the target through an open window.


You make it sound like a chore, something to get out of the way so you can wear a suit. For me the elusive target itself is more important than the reward.