Elusive Target #2 The Congressman (Re-Activation) Dec. 1st


So yeah that was great, losing my silent assassins rating because of that freakin subduing glitch… thanks for still not fixing that :unamused:


Damnit! I got him, I did it perfectly. I started by the camera system to disable it right away, only used throwing weapons to knock people out to avoid the subdue kill bug. Pushed the Congressman down the cliff while he was admiring the view, and then escaped in that car… … … … which runs over a tourist on the way out and counts as an innocent kill!!!



That’s why I always check there is nobody on the road and also a good reason to skip the cutscene as soon as it begins.


Ah well. You win some, you lose some I guess. I’ll make sure to not forget this in the future Elusives in Sapienza.

It was kind of a fun character to follow. At one point he notes that Silvio has “On the Origin of Species” in his library and comments something to the effect of "We won’t have that when I’m president."
Luckily, he never will be. :slight_smile:

I also quite liked the italian accent on the dude guiding him around. I’m no expert, but it sounded italian to me without sounding like a parody of it. Well done. Too bad not all spoken audio is like this.

Added by Edit:

The way I got rid of his bodyguards was more or less luck. I put rat poison in the wine in the cellar, expecting him to go spew by his lonesome. Instead both guards went in with him. I did notice noone else was around though, so I lured one out with a coin and knocked him out (throwing a wrench) and hid the body quickly. Shortly thereafter the guide reappeared and the continued, but I managed to get the second guard to stay behind to inspect a coin noise, and took him out as well. :smiley:


I learned that after a flawless contract that ended the same as you. Actually, thanks for the information, because I just started at the safehouse with the Jaeger 7 and waited for him to come out. Everything great except for the Body Found part.


Well, I guess it could’ve gone worse. I thought I had the perfect plan, used rat poison on the wine glass he samples and followed him to the nearest loo. I guess security is more important than privacy to this guy though, since his two bodyguards followed him right into the toilet and hovered over him mere inches away.
At that point I was just like… “screw it” and did silent pistol eliminations on all three.


I knew it as well , I just had a brain fart due to the excitement of pulling the assassination off and went for the closest escape as quickly as I could.


After killing him from the roof of the safehouse, just dropped the rifle and went to the boat at the pier, surprised they didn’t see me. I think everything was just in time.


Either the clues in this one were way too obvious, or I happened to be really lucky. As soon as the briefing started, I replanned, as they tell you where he is (at least that’s the way I interpreted it, which happened to be correct). I thought he was going to be somewhere totally different, at first, and had fully prepared for that. Anyway, once I found him where I expected, the dialogue immediately said where he was going next. :laughing: I’d wanted to get him with a chandelier, but walked into an immediate opportunity with the weapon I grabbed as a backup plan, so backup plan it was. That said, I still thought I had screwed everything up completely when the time to kill arrived.


6 minutes and 37 seconds to complete. I started in the ICA safe house with a suppressed sniper rifle. Got the guard uniform in the neighboring apartment and then made my way to the tower above the gelato shop. It didn’t take long and that top hat wearing fool walking into view from the front door.

Let me tell you what, I don’t know if I have ever felt this kind of tension in a game. I had him in my sights, but hes a moving target. If I miss, I’m going to have a shitstorm to deal with. If I don’t act quickly, he is going to go out of view. I pull the trigger. Perfect fucking face shot.

The guards come running towards my position but I run low through the gelato shop and make my way to the car in front of the mansion. After a hasty exit, im out. Bravo IO.


I did a sniper shot and headed for the exit… forgetting that yellow shirted asswipe was on the way…


From where you did the shot for the No Bodies Found part?


Well that was weird. I started as a guard, immediatly broke the surveillance equipment so that no cameras would record me, and none of them did. None of the enforcers said a thing, actually nobody said a thing to me because I avoided any contact, I did not trespass anywhere as a guard, and the game still did not give me Never Spotted, hence no SA rating for me, and it was propably the most quiet run I’ve done in HITMAN so far… Oh well what a bummer. Price of playing an early access game.


I took him out from the Main Tower after smuggling my sniper rifle into the cafe basement. I scoped out the scene from the open office window that stares at the villa and there he was, calmly strolling out of the mansion.

Took the shot, waited for his search party to throw in the towel, then left with the white car.


I just finished now the Elusive. Huge surprise to see him in the villa and not out doors as I was expecting him to be.
I tried first starting from the ruins with the sniper being there. I waited 12 minutes for him to come somewhere close in the back garden but never came. So I replan the mission and started from the kitchen.
I followed him till the library and shoot him with the Silverballer out of the window. After that I escaped like crazy.

I must say I’m against to replan or the ability to restart mission. It should be the only one chance hit. But it did came in handy when I needed that second chance to start from another point.
I believe there is also the chance to restart the game while your dying if you are quick enough to enter the menu while you are falling on the ground. I might test that later on a second account with the next Elusive.


I just shot and Ran like hell… and that’s the problem I should have seen my surroundings… that kill rush messes things up… I realized its a difficult job being a real assassin… as even in a simulator you can mess things up if you are not observant or well prepared and have only one chance…


I waited at the safehouse roof until he came down the stairs of the front entrance and when he was halfway to the garage I shot him in the head.


I shot from outside the mansion standing next to the bicycle While he was enjoying the ocean view.


Posted this in another thread and figured I may as well post it here for anyone confused about the rules of Elusive Targets…


This was a hard elusive target to begin because there are network problems. 5 times got send back to the menu without the option to retry connection, also a factor why I did this ET as quick as posible. Still pleased enough with the 4/5 score for an improvised gameplay.