Elusive Target #2 The Congressman (Re-Activation) Dec. 1st


I still think that being able to restart/replan cheapens the experience. (at least for me)
I personally will ignore it, unless the game crashes or loses connection.


So I started recording on my via my laptop using ps4 remote play, only for the final recording to be majorly laggy and impossible to watch. I really need to invest in a proper capture card and recording software.

Anyway, managed to kill the bastard using my favourite method (lethal injection) with a silent assassin rating, despite getting recorded on camera and deleting the evidence. I thought the targets route was really short compared to the one in Paris. I took out the two bodyguards first as they were walking at the back of the line, and then distracted the target with a coin, forcing him to go into a side room where I injected the crap out of him. Went into the lab to delete the evidence. Escaped via plane. Easy peasy trigger squeezy.


Hi everyone, found this awesome forum so decided to join up since I’ve been a big hitman fan since the early days.

I managed to do both elusive targets with SA rating but the congressman was the best one for me.

Unlike the Forger, I decided to go in blind and not rely on YouTube vids.

I started out as a mansion security guard with lockpick but I forgot my trusty backup device, the pale duck! Anyway I destroyed the tape first. I then grabbed the toy tank, coins and a can before heading downstairs. After all, you can never have enough distractions and knock out devices to avoid the subdue bug.

At first I was nervous. I couldn’t find him at all. Eventually we met in the library from opposite doors and I then preceded to follow him on his complete route. Once he returned to the start of his cycle, I decided to subdue and hide the first bodyguard in the wine cellar using the soda can and a coin. I nearly screwed my SA rating because I hit him with a crowbar almost side on. I was worried he might have spotted me due to angle, but it turned out I was safe in the end. After dumping the body in the cellar box I followed them back upstairs and distracted the second guard in the library with a coin as the congressman and waiter were leaving. I checked the corridor and then quickly dragged the body into a small room near where the two female staff are having a chat.

With the guards out of the picture I caught up to the congressman as he was walking down the corridor to the cellar. Using a coin I got him to enter the toilet room. The waiter turned around but didn’t follow the target. I quickly entered the room and closed the door. To my delight the drown option was available so I did just that.

Feeling like a badass I checked to make sure no one was around as I exited the toilet and casually strolled to the white car.

Mission complete! Way more tense that the Forger hit. I wish so delighted at the unexpected toilet drown opportunity. Sadly I don’t know how to record a 35 minute play through as I’m on the Xbox one.


After reading this my heart went out to your failed SA run, If you’re on PC I just made a contract titled “Assassinate the tourist” in your honour. It isn’t hard but might be good for folks who have suffered to this tourist.


Wow man… I feel honored… Thanks…
and yes I am on PC


Welcome to the forum and nice that you found him and got silent assassin ranking.

You should post in the “introduce yourself” thread :smiley:


I had to quit after about 45 minutes, just to take a break. lol

I didn’t do a single thing wrong; didn’t get spotted or anything. But I couldn’t find the guy for the life of me. I guess we kept missing each other. I’ll try again in a bit.

P.S. Don’t tell me his route or anything. I want to find him for myself. At least I’m getting good value out of this Elusive Contract. :smile:


A hint is to listen to Diana :slight_smile:


Yes, Dianer from Agency tells you exactly where he is, as do the photos in the mission briefing. :wink:


Thanks for the nice welcome Wik! I’ll check out the link now


Same thing here, well except for avoidind contact. I can only guess one of the bodyyguards or the guide caught a glimpse just before I threw something at their head, but I’m quite certain I never got a “compromised” message.

Oh well. Now that I missed a first SA challenge, I won’t have the urge to go after all of them anymore and can have some fun being less stealthy with some of the future Elusive Targets.


Extremely easy and disappointing again


Very disappointing to see the target in the most used section of the map in which one easily accessible outfit, lab sec, lets you follow the target, up close, with a pistol in your hand and a rifle / shotgun / smg on your back

Started in lab, took out cameras, picked up wrench and rat poison, climbed pipe, threw wrench at lab sec (because it’s still glitched and kills from a subdue), made my way to the front room (shown clearly in the unskippable video), followed to wine

Replan, took lethal poison

Same again, ran to wine, threw can from lab camera room, poisoned wine, waited by car for 5 min, done

Took 15 min of tedious gameplay, and if it wasn’t for the new episode next week hitman wouldn’t go on for another 2-3 weeks

Didn’t bother with silent assassin, although would have just used rat poison instead, as I don’t give a shit about challenges that get you nothing and don’t add any humour

It would have been far better if the targets name ended in a vowel and he was in italy to bury his mother / father in the old country, that way he could have been in the underused sections of the map, the church, the graveyard, the lawyers office where the outfits are not as powerful and are harder to get

Would have liked a chance to snipe the target from one of the 3 shots I had planned but I decided against that as guards can work out where you shoot from instantly and there is no way to customise the right tool (weapon) for the right job

Lazy design, tedious gameplay, again

I really don’t like to seem like I am whining but l can’t be only one who is unhappy with the wasted potential of nearly every single feature of this game


I sniped him from the top of the main square tower. Spolier: If you do it the way I did, wait for him to walk up the front staircase and take your shot.


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Interesting gameplay, but why start in the lab? :smiley:



Starting in the lab is the quickest and easiest way to take out cameras, get a coin / can, get rat poison, get a non lethal throw-able wrench, and get the lab sec suit to run around the mansion armed and undetected!


I have to agree with this. I actually scoped out the clock tower offices for about half an hour before playing, because I fully expected the devs to utilize that completely unused area for this Elusive Target. Oh well! Maybe next time??


I think it might be quicker to start at the top floor and destroy the camera evidence there. I think it’s faster to get to the target that way also.


Not while carrying a rifle / smg / shotgun and not while dressed in an outfit no one can see through, and it gets you rat poison


Yeah it was a good idea to take the security suit, and why not take out the camera evidence while down there I guess :smiley:


I mean isn’t that the whole point of the way they design these levels, that they are several usable, interesting, spaces in one so they can be replayed and reused over and over without getting stale

There could also be some really interesting shots with a rifle with amour piercing rounds!