Elusive Target #2 The Congressman (Re-Activation) Dec. 1st


But I had to restart 3 times because of the subdue kill and disguising crash.
Well, I started in the ICA apartment. I went to the unknown bodyguard’s apartment and took guard’s disguise which was lying on the floor. I went to the mansion and distracted the Congressman and after that distracted his bodyguards, it was a quickly action and I had only few seconds to garotte him… I’ve done it quickly and hidden his body. And then, the bodyguard came into the room and his reaction was something like: “Where the hell is my boss?!” :smile:


Did it with Silent Assassin rating - pleased since I fucked up the first elusive target (I did not know I could restart).

However, I’m disappointed that they have kept the option to restart the contract. It removed most of the tension and excitement for me. Even though I failed the first elusive contract, I liked that experience more, because I thought I really only did have one chance. Everything was much more at stake.

This time I knew I could restart/replan, and so I did about 6-7 times, until I found my favorite approach. But it was with far less tension than the first time. If I got spotted or similar, I knew I could just restart… Also, I found the contract itself to be a bit disappointing.


I did!

According to the briefing video, he was meeting with Caruso and hanging out at the villa. That’s where I spent most of my time.

If he was there, then the amount of times I must have just missed him is hilarious. Felt like I was playing “Where’s Wally: The Video Game”. :blush: (Where’s the epic face-palm emoticon?)


Totally didn’t pay enough attention to the briefing video so went to completely the wrong place. 11 minutes of searching the wrong area, before I finally spot him at 11:10. Miles away, have to run to pick up my sniper I didn’t think I was going to need and get back in time for his return walk. Go for the sniper shot, miss on the first one (argh!!!), luckily have time for a second and then a third once he was down, just in case. Always double-tap! :wink:
Wish I’d paid more attention to Diana though could have gone more up close and personal!


UGH! Come IO and get rid of the failed first Elusive screen I have to look at every time I load my game!

I have been waiting the last week or so to beat Elusive #2 just to change the screen, which I did but the “failed” Elusive #1 is still there and no mention of the successful “Eliminated” #2. How much longer am I going to have to look at that?!! Seriously, It’s bumming me out!


Pretty much the same for me… But I picked up my sniper rifle in the café :wink:

It was an awesome mission for me since I love using sniper rifles. I really felt like a badass when I slowly walked to the car while all the guards were in alert. Too bad I didn’t have the suitcase to bring the badassery to the next level :unamused:


I really think it’s stupid how both guards can be taken out separetly without anyone giving a shit.
“Oh hey, I had 2 guards following me around, now they’re gone”
“Oh hey, my guard buddy was here to protect this dude, he went to check some noise, and he never came back? That is NOT weird at all!”

Well tbh I didn’t do that, because I felt it would be dumb. So I just stalked the dude for like 20 minutes, then he went in the library… I waited… I waited… But the guards never left… so I just decided to shoot everyone in the room

The game is telling you : “Daily reminder that YOU FAILED. HUAHAHAHHA YOU SUCK”

C’mon game, stop being such a jerk


much harder than the forger XD


Shure. Maybe the gloves? Maybe instead of waiting for another 10 elusives the suits with gloves will be unlocked with 5 and 10 Silent Assassin ratings in Elusive Targets

Edit: On a second thought, the amount of people in the image probably marks the amount of objectives

One of those probably is the 20 escalations unlock. Maybe for the first week of June?


Indeed. However, throw a coin and it switches back to American.


Yay again!


Wow… i feel so sorry for you, man… especially that i escaped with the same method, but i didn’t watch the whole escaping cutscene, just skipped it for lack of patience. I can imagine how i’d be pissed off if it happened to me…


Going to give this a go now I think hope I don’t fuck it up, I will record my attempt and upload it later.


I have a strong suspicion that we’ll be getting there as time goes on. These are probably going to be weekly, if not eventually 2 a week. I think they’ll get increasingly complex, we’ll start seeing more areas getting utilized, and we’ll even start seeing more variations made to the levels. Speculation of course, but it’s not without basis.

I think they’re starting us with simple ones, using areas we’re already highly familiar with, to introduce and ease players into the rules and challenge of these, just like the difficulty curve of any other videogame. Keep in mind only 50% of people passed the first one. Eager to see what the ratio will be on this one.

I missed the first one as I was travelling. I agree this one could have been made more complex/interesting, particularly by using otherwise underused areas (and making the routine slightly less apparent from the briefing video). But I loved, loved the experience and proof of concept.

Will post here later about the very entertaining run I had through this, but gotta run now to happy hour. Have fun everyone!


Well I fucked up my silent assassin rank so that sucks. I forgot shooting from the front counts as spotted even though he’s dead. Oh well I had fun wth this lots of tin cans involved some just for fun :smile:. I did it on my second attempt as for the first time ever I got the subdue kill glitch on a guard :open_mouth:. Just got to wait for the video to upload to YouTube now and I will post it in the thread.


I saw your style. Really impressive and gotta say you are pretty original, like Kotti.


Thank you! I hope to someday be half as original as Kotti. :smiley: For now I flail around and panic and just hope it works.


His plan for the first elusive target and the escalation named after him are proof of his imagination. I wonder if he has the secrets for a SO/SA/No sliding guide for all the previous games (wouldn’t be too surprised if he had them, actually).


I completed it, but I’m a little bit disappointed with myself. I sniped him instead of figuring out how to separate him from his two guards to get the silent assassin rank. I’ll post my video soon – when I’ve edited it down from forty minutes of boringness to only three or four minutes of faster-paced boringness. lol


Don´t feel disappointed. This targets are more about actually getting it at first try (the SA is a plus). You will get a lot of chances of SA later, but for now, relax and enjoy that you actually succeeded.