Elusive Target #2 The Congressman (Re-Activation) Dec. 1st


Thanks. Yeah, you’re right. :slight_smile:

I did actually have it in my mind to snipe a target. That was my plan. But the moment I pulled the trigger, I felt like I’d taken the easy approach. Getting around his two bodyguards seemed like an interesting challenge.

But, eh, job done, and nobody saw me. 47 would be content with that, I think.


I also used the sniper method. Jaeger 7 base model and killing him with a headshot when he was half way to the garage, all from the ICA safehouse. Of course, body found and 4/5 score, but everything else good.


Cool. I used the unsilenced rifle, though. I play on console and I didn’t trust my aim with the Jaeger 7. lol


I also play on console (Xbox One), and yeah, I almost missed the shot, but it came out good enough. In fact, if I pulled the trigger a bit later I think I would have killed his guide, but well, it didn’t happen.


Assassinated the congressman but failed to get Silent Assassin because a camera spotted me while I was exiting the mission. :frowning2: This is gonna bug me all week knowing I screwed up.


Not a bad Elusive Target, basically a matter of divide and conquer though.

Primed the sink in the basement on their way in to overflow then used a coin to lure one of his guards in the cellar to the laundry room, shut the door behind him, KO. When the other guard went for the overflowing sink on their way back up, KO’d him too.

Next the waiter directed him outside, KO’d the waiter by the piano, waited for the target to return, KO’d him, dragged him to the box too, snapped neck, disposed, exited out the front entrance by car.


Cool. I thought about using the sink trick in the basement. But part of the reason I chose to snipe instead is because the subdue/kill bug still hasn’t been fixed and I’m wary of putting people into sleeper holds in confined spaces where they can glitch/die. lol


I just did the same thing. And while he was spewing, both guards merged into one right behind him giving a whole new meaning to those guards riding the congressman’s @$$. Too bad I didn’t have Steam overlay on to take a screenshot. Restarted the game to capture it, but alas, it didn’t happen again… Darn!
Now, to figure out how to get rid of those darn guards! (And that butler guy…)


I spent waaaaayyyy too much time finding him and had some incidents along the way. I goofed it. Still cut him, though. I hope we get another one soon. I really like these.


I just did it pulled off an awesome shot with the Sniper Rifle. Unfortunately the idiot that works in the cafe spotted me on the way to get my rifle and I didn’t want to restart. I knocked him out hid him but still counted as spotted. No bodies found though. The target was in the library. Boom shot to the head. I’m happy how it went though… Alot better than the last one. Will definitely get SA rating next Elusive. Loved it. Thanks IOI



Not sure why it repeats… I’m a little tipsy


TFW you know that this challenge will always be locked.


Hey, what does the challenge with the bearded guy says? Is that another ET description?


I finally did it! Silent Assassin, Suit only for Elusive target #2

Hitman: Elusive Target #2 - SUIT ONLY Silent Assassin "The Congressman"
Step 1: Wear only your suit, head into the safe house area and sneak into the area on the roof
Step 2: Walk into the fountain and move into the garage area.
Step 3: Wait in the area as the trio walk past and use coins to isolated and subdue a guard
Step 4: Wait again for the now duo to walk past the same junction and isolate remaining guard with a coin trick.
Step 5: When the waiter transported the Congressman to the outdoor area, subdue the waiter and casually murder murder the Congressman.

Some may say it was “Cheap” or “Impure” I think not, I liked the notion of his bodyguards falling, and he alone and scared.


Here’s the couple of minutes leading up to my kill. The vast majority of my time was spent looking for him. I had to improvise and got a poor two-Hitman-logo score.

EDIT: Replaced Twitch highlight with YouTube video.


sweet run, i dont see anything wrong with that method. as many bugs and glitches that are in the game damn near anything goes.

also nice voice, are you a professional?


Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself lol there will be plenty more! At least you beat it, right? :wink:


After failing Elusive #1 due to my bodyguard distraction not being as good as I thought, I decided to stalk #2 for a while to see what my best option was. I wound up using the lethal poison in his wine.

However, since I rarely execute (pun intended) these plans flawlessly, I was true to form and had to take out the 3 staffers near the wine glass. And of course, I accidentally killed one. So the final score wasn’t ideal, but at least I accomplished the mission this time.

2/5, time of 58:33. But at least I did it.


Well, now I’m pissed. I just finished this elusive target after playing for an hour, and didn’t get SA even though everything I did followed the rules for SA. The scoring screen says I was spotted, but I have no idea who, when, or how. Nobody ever saw me trespassing or disposing of a body, I deleted the evidence after being captured by a security camera, and I never aroused anybody’s suspicions. I think there’s something glitchy or buggy with this contract, and now I’m pissed I can’t ever get SA on this contract because of that.