Elusive Target #2 The Congressman (Re-Activation) Dec. 1st


Just as someone noted earlier, I’ve noticed that too about the elusive feats images. I think the silhouettes represent how many targets you need to get to unlock it. So from my count it’s 5, 10, 15 then 18. The final one for me is just greyed out like the image didn’t load or something


I chose to use the long gun (=

First I played regular level for like 2 min just to make sure the “prime shot” actually kills people. In video game land we love head shots but I wanted to go for the heart. Turns out in game the heart is a one shot kill with the Jeager double zoom rifle (= (=

I just stashed it in the cafe basement and started in my suit in the standard spot. (= (= (=

Walked over, picked a couple locks, didn’t get seen by the cafe employees, shot one camera, destroyed the computer even though I may not have had to and was atop the town hall waiting. I saw him come out of the house right after I got up there. Bing BANG boom I had him dead (with a prime shot after I saw his eyes) << what movie? I had a rifle on the floor and I escaped across the bridge after the lawyers office to the white car. Not SA bc they found the body, which I knew they would but it was super satisfying to get no evidence and not be spotted and take out only the target. (= (= (= (=


I just finished it, when I found out he drank the wine in the cellar I went up to the kitchen, took a disguise from the chef and grabbed some emetic poison, then when the Congressman didn’t drink the wine that time, I opted to just lure him into the nearby bathroom as he was following the mansion staff. Shot him and left the area.

Things were made easier for me when I distracted his two bodyguards and subdued them. I got spotted by a camera or two but deleted the evidence.

The thing is, I’m positive I did it SA, and people have told me the cameras don’t count towards the challenge. Still didn’t get the challenge :frowning:


Here’s my very long run:

I highly reccomend checking the youtube description for timestamps of the important moments.


Sadly if you get spotted by a camera before deleting recordings it invalidates the “not spotted” bonus


Once again, it was extremely fun, but only because I swore to myself not to restart the level.

It really is unbelievably exhilarating seeing the target line up in your crosshair, tracking him as you decide the right time to pull the trigger. This is the most real HITMAN have ever gotten, and I absolutely love it.


I am very angry with myself. Because of a little mistake I failed the mission after only 2 minutes of game. I should pay 47 to punish myself. I hope in the future elusive target will be available again, maybe when season one is completed. I want my revenge with Mr Trautt


What’s the benefit of getting SA do we unlock anything or is it just for show? People that didn’t get SA at least you didn’t fail it so you’ll be one step closer to that suit :smiley:


Yeah, I beat it. :slight_smile: I just like to be a perfectionist is all…oh well lol



I failed first time because of flying body bug. It made me so much angry that i failed also the second play because of some stupid mistake. Finally got SA with the third time.


Damn, that was terrible. I followed him for about half an hour, carefully waiting for a time to strike. I totally ballsed it up, and killed him along with two others in a poorly timed explosion, and then ran for it. 2/5 :frowning:

Gotta git gud with these elusive targets.


I don’t fucking believe it!!! Went to Fiber Wire him, while I was strangling him the Bodyguards caught me and shot me dead!!!

Absolutely gutted!!! :wink:


The ecstasy and the agony…


I gotta say, elusive targets are fucking great. I’ve never felt so nervous playing a game before and afraid to take risks, knowing how real the consequences of failure are.

For the next one I’m going to have to take more of a risk, even if it results in failure - Because so far, I’ve got 2/5 on both targets. If you’re just one of those guys who does it messy and quickly every single time so you can unlock a damn die pin or whatever then I feel bad for you - You’re missing out on such a crazy, tense experience.


I wish I could agree about the tension. The first elusive target was like you describe - studied the target for a long time, slowly planning how to strike, and then massive tension when it was time to act… but that was only because I had no idea that I could restart!

This second time, I knew that it was just a matter of getting alone with the target. Everything before that I could fuck up and then just restart.

After multiple restarts I knew how to poisen the wine and how to subdue the bodyguards without getting spotted, and thereby be completely alone with the target as he is puking his guts out

So for me the tension that I felt with the first elusive target experience was almost gone.

Also, I would like to see the elusive target have a more complex routine, and that there are some hidden ways you can get alone with target… for instance like dressing up as the priest and having a confession time with the senator. Or 47 could “take over” as the mansion staff guy that is showing the senator around, leading him to a fourth location where a more satisfying/creative kill is possible without subduing/distracting the bodyguards. Something like that.
But hey, who knows, maybe there is and no-one how found it yet :slight_smile:


I agree with you about the tension being reduced somewhat because we knew we could restart this time.

I still think the only reasons you should be able to restart after beginning are if you lose your internet connection or if your computer suddenly loses power (if people are so obsessed with getting a good score that they’ll unplug their computer while it’s running to get another shot, they have serious issues). lol


I’ve never restarted and elusive yet. I don’t even know when you can and can’t restart.

I swear to god if you tell me the conditions in a reply to this comment I’ll shoot some dudes


I know I’m still kicking myself today, roll on the next Elusive Target so I don’t feel as bad!! :slight_smile:


I didn’t restart, per se. But in my first attempt, I failed to locate the target because I was looking in the wrong place, and, although I hadn’t been spotted or done anything wrong, after about thirty minutes I needed to do something else, in the real world, so I quit the mission – knowing I could try again later.

Even though that was hugely convenient, and made me understand why IO had kept the feature, it still hurt the illusion that I was pulling off a real assassination with only one try.

I felt less nervous when I began the mission the second time, because I had some knowledge of where the target wasn’t, even if I still had to find him. lol