Elusive Target #2 The Congressman (Re-Activation) Dec. 1st


I too failed the mission and 47 died because of an IDIOT mistake I made! :weary:

TBH I’ve made even dumber mistakes before and caused 47 to die many times. But this time? I literally felt like crying the moment I got dragged back to the main menu. I’ve never felt so bad and guilty for his death. :sob:

Guess this is the beauty of elusive targets though - the experience of risk, tension and inevitable consequences when you screw up.


I can’t believe it’s been more than 24 hours and I’m still kicking myself about getting spotted. It was such a rookie mistake! I needed to head to work!
I’m an assassin with commitments!
I’m just a moonlighting assassin!

It’s bad enough never being able to get every silent assassin challenge, just please don’t let there be a special unlock at the end of this…


@Quinn I’ve just seen light at the end of the tunnel, just loaded up the game and the Congressman was there to play weirdly??? Just played it again and managed to Posion the Congressman’s wine and managed to kill him an escape!!

Not going to complain but now weirdly I’m 2/5 completed Elusive Contracts. :wink:


That’s what happened to me in Paris. I feel your pain. I killed Larin, and was killed immediately afterward.


I killed the target then went back after I got caught on camera. Then got killed. Oh well next time I’m going to kill the target run out


If you’d encounter some bug that fucked up all your mysterious plan, like in my case, you wouldn’t talk that way…


Well, I got screwed out of a Silent Assassin rank. I got a non-target penalty even though I didn’t kill anyone other than the target. Made real sure that it wasn’t the “subdue-in-close-quarters” bug either. After every subdue I made sure that the penalty didn’t pop-up, and that there were the rings indicating uncosciousness, and that I also still had the option to snap their neck for extra safety. Didn’t dump the bodies over railings (or into acid dumpsters either).

At least I know in my heart that I am a Silent Assassin, even if the world will not acknowledge my accomplishments! Does leave a sour after-taste either way :confused:


I’m kinda curious… Escape by car? :wink:


Could someone clarify why I got Silent Assassin even when the Congressman body was found?
Or does the No Bodies Found only applies to non-target NPCs?

It was not an accident kill. I killed him with a knife…


I think it’s a bug. I’ve had a it before, too, but I wasn’t lucky enough to get it in an Elusive Contract. lol

Discovered bodies should definitely ruin the Silent Assassin bonus. Or maybe the guards who found him were particularly dumb and thought he accidentally fell onto a knife, neck first. :yum:


Aw, fuck. That’s it. I did a professional job, then I hand the wheel to 47 and he just decides run over some people? We need clearer warnings of these kinds of fuckery.

This is killing my vibe something fierce.


It’s sad that so many people got fucked over this, especially if they did great before that.
I’m pretty sure this kind of thing happened in other Hitman games too but at least it didn’t count as a kill in the scores… did it?
I’m thinking of Gontrano’s escape by car for example. Pretty sure 47 tends to run over one of the guard in front of the gates


I felt similar the first elusive target. This time, I restarted if I messed up before I died or killed the target. No tension at all. I think they should drop restarts/replans, but I understand why they won’t in the current state.


I actually screwed up before I ever found him. Some of the changes to NPC placement and whatnot threw me off. It was a bit disappointing to screw up while I was somewhere I didn’t even need to be, but I went into it deciding not to restart, so I had to roll with it.

I didn’t really realize that destroying evidence was relative to the location (I’m glad that it is, though), so I started off by going to the church to destroy the evidence, then sneaked into the mansion through the ICA safehouse, yadda yadda yadda, then OOPS! Mansion staff! I had to spaghetti him, which alerted another staff member, but I managed to come right up behind her as she was discovering the body. I guess I also accidentally killed the two of them and both of the target’s guards by dropping them down the laundry chute. I didn’t really think about it.

I can’t wait for the next one.


You didn’t screw up. You missed out on pointless experience numbers and a challenge that grants you nothing in game. If SA Elusives gave me something to use in game I’d go for them. But they don’t.

Suit without gloves here we come.


I just did it. Poisoned him in the basement. I was wearing the kitchen assistant disguise to not arouse any suspicion pouring the poison, but I had a hell of a time trying to get that enforcer mansion staff in the room to move his ass. He just stood there smoking, and if I threw something, he made the other staff guy go check out what it was. I finally had to lure the other guy into the laundry room, knocked him out, then threw cans of sauce as a distraction until the enforcer FINALLY moved. It was actually kind of funny.
Didn’t bother trying to get SA, decided I wouldn’t put any extra pressure on myself and just go for the elusives pass/fail.


This was the first time I’d tried an Elusive Contract. What was surprising to me was how tense I got once I made my move and took the guy out. I know it’s only a dumb accomplishment in a video game, but my palms were sweating as I just tried to make my way out of the villa without hitting a camera or being spotted by Rocco’s noisy sister.

I’ve been playing video games for 30+ years, so I’m as jaded as they come, but this elusive mechanic really sucked me in. Well done, dev team, let’s have many more of these.


I could’ve sworn I killed Silvia Caruso many, many times. Is it really that much work to change things up a little for this? Even just removing the people who should, by then, be dead?


Then it wouldn’t make sense. The congressman was being hosted by Caruso; if he is gone, why is the congressman there?


There’s a conversation between two guards in the attic in Paris about multiverse theory that I think is a hint about how to think about all the different opportunities and targets on these maps.

I think we have one main canon story and the others exist in some sort of alternate timeline. In the timeline where the congressman is the target, 47 does not go on the mission to kill Silvio and Francesca. Maybe their plans to kill each other come to pass instead.

It would be pretty silly for future Sapienza elusive target #5 to take that trip to the small town where any one with a high profile is getting efficiently murdered.

Paris is set during an event rather than any typical day like in Sapienza. Which makes me think these stories are not on the same timeline.

It would be sweet, though, if a future target was someone from one of these organizations coming to deal with the aftermath of the hit.