Elusive Target #2 The Congressman (Re-Activation) Dec. 1st


IOI should make inclusive targets instead of elusive.


When David Bateson approves your run, you know you’ve done well :slight_smile:


he arrives this friday!


The most stupid failure for me. I left the game to go to the toilet. But I was distracted and forgot to stop the game. When I came back, 47 was dead. I never met Anthony L. Trautt


Yeah!! Another ET arriving! I’m excited. :smiley:


I still remember that I got SA from this but that fuking challenge did not unlocked:/



May 27th? Guys, we’re in the future. :grin:


Hitman companion app just says coming soon on mine :face_with_raised_eyebrow: has it been officially confirmed for Friday?


Yes, in game clock is active.


ET #2 arrives on my birthday.

I want @mendietinha to do a rekky on the ET as a present


I’m gonna ask for a delay, brb.


You truly are the best <3


i knew the forger, and his route… lol, but i don’t even remember this ET :joy:… can’t recall where he went or what he did, which should make for an interestingly fresh approach…


i will do my best beast… but i think you got dis <3


My birthday is the 2nd, release then pls



I’m super excited to start doing more of these. It’s such a breath of fresh air to get “new” targets while waiting for S2 :slight_smile:


This one was originally released when ETs were 48 hours on unnanounced weekends. Missed it.


good luck, agents!!!

going in blind tomorrow, lol, no clue what i am about to encounter…i will have to avoid videos here for a couple days obviously, even though i aced this contract back in the day, but don’t remember how :joy:… i did check my history on twitter, but my vines and short clips on twitter were a bit later :joy: ! this should be a fun weekend, especially with the new contract drops from quine :wink:

it’s personally been weeks in the making for me, but i am ready for a hitman weekend, with a sprinkle of ACO of course lol :sunglasses:


Arrives today for me