Elusive Target #2 The Congressman (Re-Activation) Dec. 1st


How’s the saying go? Practice makes “perfect”?


how much time does it take for the target to go drink coffee?


Around 8 mins I think, depends on the route he takes


About 4-5 mins if he goes directly to the basement from his starting spot.


I remember back in a day I lost SA on his bodyguards because knocked out NPCs were dying due to a glitch. And at that point I didn’t know you could restart at all.

Fun times.


The Congressmann
Lancer Hippie Sniper from Main Tower | Silent Assassin

Hitman isn’t like it was before

I told you people they were going to re activate all elusives. But you all NOOOOO, they said you will never see them again.
And now here we are


Killing the ET with a Big-One-Soup.
What that is? Well watch it yourself:


GODDAMIT. I had discussed a couple of days ago with mendie on how the laundry shaft could result in a interesting kill in this ET. You totally beaten me to it! That was an amazing set up, great work!


RNG strat but it worked out well… Out of sight chandelier crashing down delight


I hope you enjoyed the tour Anthony!


So after killing the Congressman in an unelaborate, yet silent manner – I get in the car and run the cyclist over, who just happens to magically recover from his injuries the moment I’m escaping.

Yet still get the Silent Assassin rating. Phew.


Lmao, that is a sick strat.


My run as suit only using clown outfit


Interesting… I clearly remember the flower guys, the cyclist and the tourist making the car exit totally unviable because you get non-target kills by using them. Could it be they were patched?


I can just picture your face when you saw that moron run towards your car ahahaha,glad it was still SA though,close call.


I actually anticipated those NPCs spoiling the SA rating, so I threw a coin to distract the flower delivery guy helping the injured cyclist. He walked away, but the cyclist was still on the ground. He got up as the car was driving by though.


In a patch quite long ago, anything happened during the exit cutsense will not impact the rating. I remember there’re some speedrun videos of 47 dropping a proximity duck near the fishermen near the boat exit in Sapienza -> exit the mission before the duck explode -> exit cutsense when the duck explode and sent the fishermen flying -> Still have Silent Assassin.


Cool Guys Don’t Look At Explosions


Chilling out with these 2 Dummies :smiley: Your Congressman is dead by the way!!!