Elusive Target #2 The Congressman (Re-Activation) Dec. 1st


This is a spicy strat :ok_hand:


I also had to use laundry shaft, but @Urben had a lot better run. Big-One-Soup was great!


Anyone know if he steps into a sniper spot? I’m gonna do my 5 reactivations with the Sieger Ghost :smiley:

Edit: Ah I see the lancer hippie.


He doesn’t, unfortunately. You’ll have to knock out his personal escort and his 2 bodyguards. If you knock out his escort first he’ll stay in one spot for the rest of time. Which will leave you to snipe him. I recommend doing it in the library. :wink:


I went for silent assissian fiber wire kill, and i got it.

Was using my wife’s account so i had limited unlocks so i just used a coin and smuggled a sniper just in case.

Missed this elusive when it first came out so i went in blind and all that. Found the target in the sun room and took out the first guard there with a coin distraction. Followed into the library and took out the second guard with a gun drop. Went to the wine cellar and took out his tour guide with the coin distraction before finally using the coin one last time to lure the target into a side room and killing with the fiber wire.

I didnt feel any kind of way and I could of done it all faster by giving him a duck in the sun room.




took a few minutes to set up but i got him with my favorite weapon :smirk:

i still have 2 more accounts to whip something up with… i’ll have to do some planning in my head while at work tonight lol… one account has nothing unlocked, so i’ll try another suit only, no loadout run with that (we’ll see if i feel like it lol)… but for another creative run? hmm, gonna need to put on my thinking cap, because this target doesn’t do a whole lot, even tho he goes to 3 different areas :joy::yum:

i’m so glad they re-released the ETs, it’s fun playing them again :relaxed:


Does this count as a double kill?

SA/SO/!KO/ Fireplace then chandelier double kill. Lol.


Well I tried to shoot him over the push ledge with the striker, but his body didn’t really move at all and I lost SA trying to dump him. Spent like 3 hours getting pro mastery for the second emetic, want to hang myself.

Edit: Still doing a run tomorrow


Wanted to do that too, but found no place to shoot where bodyshots are not lethal anymore.

Btw I believe that animations like bending-over make the push not working.


Why didn’t you just restart?


Yeah it seems like the bending animation prevented him from ragdolling forward. Frustrating, but it’ll just make me more careful for The Prince.


Because he was already dead.


Oh you don’t know the objective done restart loophole?


No, I don’t. It’s not the ethernet thing is it?




4 tries.
1 point.
i’m tired.


Elusive Target #2 The Congressman by a Headshot (1:01)


Fak yes it does! Sick one


Decided to kill him with a sniper