Elusive Target #2 The Congressman (Re-Activation) Dec. 1st



1st Method


2nd Method… Very Long, but worth the wait.


Suit-only no ko’s, lethal injection. Not what I wanted but it will do.


I took the opportunity of using the Big One, which wasn’t a possibility the first time around. I used the rest of the time to take a break. Let the poison do its thing, y’know?

So that makes 13 for me. Now I finally have all Elusive Target rewards. Yay!


@CHAOS_AGENT_45 @Mvp-Machiavelli
I’m sure you great snipers will appreciate this one.
Clocktower only. :sunglasses:


This reminds me of my Death by KO on the fugitive off the side of the mountain. But I hit him with a hammer across the back of the head. Yours is actually much more satisfying to watch. lol.


And I just saw yours. That’s badass. :sunglasses:


A SA/SO run in Sapienza Ruins only.


holy shit, how?!! lol i’d love to see a camera angle from the target… nice work, agent :sunglasses:


patience always pays off in the end… i appreciate the speed runners, but i love a good setup :wink:…bravo!


Thanks :slight_smile: Oh i can speed run with ease on Hitman (which i don’t do these days), but particular methods & the way i enjoy playing Hitman currently is to take a more patient approach/stealth purist playstyle.



Nothing fancy, Sieger 300 Ghost from Town Hall.

-no video I’m afraid (I followed him around his route a couple of times over to listen to all the dialogue etc.)


:yum:The key word would be “green motobike"and"chandelier”.Here is a video link with freecam https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzIwNDMyMzc4OA==.html?spm=a2hzp.8244740.0.0.



Since this is the only Elusive Target I missed I was able to do it on my account as well.

Since I have most everything unlocked and what not I decided to do something for myself.

Ended up killing him in the wine cellar. Used the fireworks to make everyone look the other way and shot him in the head as they all gawked at the pretty lights.

It was a thrill to quickly change clothes and run away.


Were you only trying to poison him with syringe? or did you attempt with the poison vial also?


Nice work! Congrats on completing your Elusive Target ‘collection’! :slight_smile:


I’ll pop this in here in case you’ve not been following the “Q: Can all of the elusive targets be drowned?” thread. The challenge is to drown all re-activated elusive targets whilst wearing the clown outfit. Here is my cool clown run: no disguise changes, no running, no knock-outs, and he even takes out yellow shirt guy as a bonus kill at the end.

Elusive Target #2 - The Congressman - Clown Drown (3:50)